Convergent design Gemini S-Log frame grabs.

Hi all. A very brief post as I’ve just got back to the hotel from a long day at Broadcast India.

I finally found a little bit of time to upload a couple of quick frame grabs from the Gemini. Sorry they are not Tiff’s or the DPX files but time is scarce.

There are 3 frames: The graded S-Log, A Cinegamma 3 grab and the raw S-Log.

The increase in dynamic range over the cinegamma frame is clearly visible in the highlights outside the window as well as on the wall behind the actor.

I have to say I’m liking the Gemini a lot. The firmware is not quite there yet but it’s very, very close with almost daily updates being released. Apart from an initial hiccup (which has now been rectified) the unit has been stable even in the Mumbai heat. It amazes me and everyone else that see’s it that the little 5″ monitor sitting on the handle of my F3 is also a 4:4:4 uncompressed recorder, its so compact compared to all the other alternatives. Being able to apply LUT’s on the Gemini is also very neat.

The screen is super bright and easily viewable in direct sunlight. Im powering both the camera and the Gemini of a single Swit S-8U62 battery which gives me a little over 2 hours from a full charge.

It does generate some pretty big files, so I have been using Adobe Premier to transcode the clips to Apple ProRes 4:4:4 on ingest. This is taking a little longer than I expected, but then I am using a vintage MacBook Pro 3.1 and I guess is a small penalty to pay for the incredible image quality that I’m getting.

Combine all this with the soon to arrive EI-SLog firmware from Sony and it will all only get better and better.

SLog-sample-graded-1024x576 Convergent design Gemini S-Log frame grabs.
S-Log with basic grade applied
CG3-sample-1024x576 Convergent design Gemini S-Log frame grabs.
Same shot but Cinegamma 3
SLog-sample-1024x576 Convergent design Gemini S-Log frame grabs.
Raw S-Log frame grab. Click on image for flu frame.
460x150_xdcam_150dpi Convergent design Gemini S-Log frame grabs.

3 thoughts on “Convergent design Gemini S-Log frame grabs.”

  1. For F3 do you think it is worth it to go all the way to the Gemini 444 for run and gun type stuff, or is Pix 240 422 better for that? Am I really going to see the difference?

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