Alan Roberts C300 assessment available online.

Alan Roberts has carried out an assessment of the Canon C300. According to Alan (and I have no reason to disagree) the camera performs particularly well.  You can read the report here. Can’t wait to get hold of mine, but I am hearing rumours that shipping may be delayed a little.


Reading through the report again and comparing it with his earlier F3 report there are some differences in the way some of the data is presented that I think are a little ambiguous and could lead to some incorrect assumptions. In particular the noise measurements where for the C300 Alan quotes -54db and the F3 -48.5 db, but then the C300 was measured at -6db while the F3 at 0db. Using Alan’s own plots the C300 at 0db is -45.5db. So as expected a tiny bit more noisy than the F3, not less noisy than the F3 as you might first assume from the way the report is written. I am also frustrated by the way in the C300 report the similar RGB zone plate alias results are is noted as a good thing while the similar RGB zone plate results for the F3 were noted as a bad thing.

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