PMW-F3 Performing Extremely Well at -26c!

I’m up, 200 miles North of the Arctic Circle shooting the Northern Lights with a mixture of DSLR’s and one of my PMW-F3’s. The F3’s performance has really taken me by surprise as it’s possible to capture even a very faint Aurora just using the 8 frame slow shutter. Hopefully we’ll get a nice clear night and a decent Aurora and then I can turn off the slow shutter altogether. Either way, this is the first time I have been able to shoot the Aurora with out needing to resort to time-lapse.

The below clip is Timelapse as it does show the motion of the Aurora better. Shot with my F3 using the 8 frame SLS and 18db gain.

One thought on “PMW-F3 Performing Extremely Well at -26c!”

  1. Nice job!

    What is the colour temperature set to? 3200K?

    May I recommend the Neat Video plug in? It might help with some of the noise.
    I have used it on different SlowShutter footage with good results.

    I wonder what the FS100 would have looked like at +30dB (though with no timelapse capability of course)

    Thank you, very interesting

    kind regards
    Dennis Ersöz

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