More PMW-300 images (better quality).

Here are some better quality images of the PMW-300, including it’s base where there are 2x 1/4″ mounting threads plus the lever for adjusting the shoulder brace.

IMG_1607-1024x768 More PMW-300 images (better quality).
The right side of the PMW-300. Dual SDI outputs provide connectivity for both a monitor and a second device such as the Sony streaming and proxy recorder.
IMG_1606-1024x768 More PMW-300 images (better quality).
The clean and uncluttered right side of the camera, not all that dissimilar to the PMW-200 but with the addition of a dial for S&Q motion.


IMG_1612-1024x768 More PMW-300 images (better quality).
The rear connections include full size HDMI, USB for connection to the WiFi or streaming dongle, firewire, USB for file upload, and bottom left is DC in, hooray DC in is not inside the battery compartment.

IMG_1616-1024x768 More PMW-300 images (better quality).Here you can see the thumbscrew that attaches the viewfinder mounting bracket to the camera body. There is some side to side adjustment at this point. The viewfinder also slides off the end of the fore-aft adjustment rail by pulling out a small pin.

IMG_1620-1024x768 More PMW-300 images (better quality).
PMW-300 sit’s on your shoulder nicely. Big improvement over EX3 design.
IMG_1614-1024x768 More PMW-300 images (better quality).
There is a huge range of forwards – backwards – up – down and side to side adjustment for the viewfinder. The EVF uses the same screen as the PMW-F5 and PMW-200 which is 1/4 HD resolution (960 x 540).
IMG_1613-1024x768 More PMW-300 images (better quality).
There are 3 switches on the side of the viewfinder of the PMW-300. Don’t know what they are for! The viewfinder rotates on an arm which in turn slides forwards and backwards by about 3 inches.
IMG_1609-1024x768 More PMW-300 images (better quality).
There is a single 1/4″ thread on the top of the extending PMW-300 shoulder pad for the addition of accessories. A bit of weight back here will help with the cameras balance. I’m informed that this is not the final design of the shoulder pad.
IMG_1624-1024x768 More PMW-300 images (better quality).
The base of the PMW-300 showing the almost completely flat base with 2x 1/4″ threads and the lever that releases the pull out shoulder pad.
460x150_xdcam_150dpi More PMW-300 images (better quality).

9 thoughts on “More PMW-300 images (better quality).”

  1. Thanks for the better pictures, How do we get sony to make the front hotshoe a 1/4 x 20 thread mount instead, I wish they would dump the audio outs and composite video out and give us a video in record capability, and i wish they could pack in there some 240fps high speed ability like the fs700. Also I would love to understand more about the compartment in the camera.


    1. Compartment? If you mean the hole in the base that’s there to allow you to get you fingers in to pull out the catch for the shoulder pad release.

  2. Wow. Engineering prototype #001. Nice to see how many criticisms of the PMW-200 Sony appears to have taken to heart … bagging the periscope mic holder, keeping the shoe clear of the LCD and incorporating the EX1R’s improved rotating grip. Awesome. Hopefully the screen doesn’t have the yellow/green hue problem either. And… drum roll … the media door is not silver! That fat looking stubby mic reminds me of the stereo mic on the old Canon XL-1 but with proper XLR connectors.

  3. Hi Alister the XAVC codec firmware upgrade in 2014 do you know if it will support
    slomo in 1080p , and higher bit rates like a 100mbs recordings to SXS cards

  4. Sorry to be so late to the party – is the VF assembly removable?

    Trying to imagine this being broken down and fitting into an EasyJet friendly backpack with audio gear, wide lens and some edit paraphernalia.

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