Ultimate Guide to CineEI on the PMW

Ultimate Guide to CineEI on the PMW

9 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide to CineEI on the PMW”

  1. I sent you enough for a beer ..thanks
    Great/helpful info on LUTs which to me are somewhat hard to get used to, although I have been making films for 40 years.
    Will try to figure it all out when my new Sony FS7 arrives
    Alan Dater

  2. Thanks, Alister! I suddenly have to use Cine IE and SLOG3 and your guide answered all of my questions. I got into this camera-thing years ago when we didn’t have to be video engineers and just shot what the camera would shoot. Your user-oriented explanations (as opposed to “engineer speak”) is perfect for guys like me. A Singapore beer is on the way!

  3. Hi Allister.
    Very very good article. Finally one that says things in a simple
    and understandable way. I really appreciate !
    So, do you like French beer ? 🙂
    Ever come to Paris, or do I have to bring it to you ?
    Best, Jean Marc Selva.

  4. Hi Allister.
    Excellent good article. I really appreciate !
    ..when u visit Malaysia..pls let me know will spend time to bring u walk around it…
    Best, Eddy lee…cheers

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