Premiere Pro CC now supports Sony Raw – WITHOUT the Sony Plug-In.

I was having “Media Pending” issues with Sony raw footage in Premiere on my mac. I did some digging and it appears that in the last update to Premiere Pro CC (version 7.2) Adobe included native support for Sony raw at 4K, 2K and HFR. If you are running Premiere CC and you still have the Sony Raw Plug-In installed it makes Premiere unresponsive and will result in a lot of “Media Pending” messages when you try to work with Raw footage. After removing the Sony raw importer plug-in all my media pending issues went away and I can now use 2K HFR footage in Premiere CC.

To uninstall the plugin on a Mac (called “ImporterSonyRawBundle”)  go to “Applications” then “Adobe Premiere Pro CC” and then right click on the “Adobe Premiere Pro CC” app file and select “Show Package Contents” then open “Content” and then “Plug-ins” you should find the file you need to trash.

7 thoughts on “Premiere Pro CC now supports Sony Raw – WITHOUT the Sony Plug-In.”

  1. Are you sure about this? I just did a fresh install of premiere CC 7.2.1 and it will NOT import F55 raw media.

    For what it’s worth, I am on a Windows machine, not Mac.

    1. Hmmm, interesting. I have heard back from several other users of Mac’s that removing the Sony plug-in allows them to import and use Sony 2K HFR raw and eliminates the “media pending” error. I wonder if you still need the importer part of the Sony plugin but not the decoder part? I’m running on my mac without the raw plugin and it works great.

  2. Not sure. All I know is on Windows once I installed the plugin, everything works as it should.

    Maybe they haven’t integrated it on Windows yet? No idea why that would be…

    Standby I’ll install CC on my mac and give an update.

  3. I would love to buy you a pint or five one day – I spent the past 10 hours on forums, blogs, etc and after reinstalling Premiere CC 7.0, updating to 7.1 and finally re-updating to 7.2.1, your suggestion worked perfectly. Huge relief! Thank you so much!

  4. Oh wow, thank you so much, you just saved my bacon! Have been sitting here for hours trying to fix this – and bam, works perfectly now. Thank you thank you thank you so much!

  5. Unfortunately, there is no access to raw controls in premiere or AE. So useless in my opinion. Have to go to resolve for proper controls. Unless I’m missing something Adobe only gives you two choices : slog 2 or rec 709. I’m having footage come in blown out. Not recorded Slog. used one of the HyperGammas.

    1. Raw is raw. If you used a Hypergamma LUT, your raw is still raw. Bringing it in to Premiere as S-log2 is the best option as then you use use any LUT’s designed for S-Log2. The 2015 version of Premiere now includes S-Log2 and S-Log3 input LUT’s for the Lumetri color effects.

      To be honest though Premiere isn’t the best tool for raw, you would be much better off using something like Resolve.

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