Samyang launches 50mm Cine Lens

50mm-vdslr-front-226x300 Samyang launches 50mm Cine Lens
New Samyang 50mm T1.5 vDSLR lens.

At long last Samyang have filled the gap in their vDSLR lens line up! It was crazy not to have a 50mm lens. Finally they are launching a 50mm T1.5 lens with pitch gears etc. This lens will be available next month (September) so not too long to wait. It’s full frame so should work great with the A7s as well as all your Super35 and APS-C cameras.

Hop over to the Samyang web site for sample images and further information. I have one on pre-order as as soon as I can I will check it out.


4 thoughts on “Samyang launches 50mm Cine Lens”

  1. Hi Alister, thanks for the update. This lens range looks interesting.
    Please could you make some observations on the overall usability
    and quality of this lens range? I am currently looking to compare the
    Sanyang range and Zeiss ZF2 lenses for an economical option.
    Also, which lens mount are you using? Canon EF or Nikon with adaptor
    for versatility?
    Many Thanks. Paul.

  2. Hi Alister, thank you for this. I was wondering whether you’d yet had the chance to review the new PXW-X200? I’m wondering whether to wait for this camera or buy a reduced-price PMW-200, depending on how big a difference there is. The zoom looks to be a pretty good enhancement. Many thanks!

    1. No I have not tested the X200 yet. I would not expect it to be hugely different to the PMW-200. The extra zoom range will of course be nice as will the wifi functionality, but the difference in image quality will be small. Having said that the XAVC codec is very robust and grades better than XDCAM Mpeg2. Plus you can save money on media if you need as you can use SD cards for up to 50Mb/s.

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