PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 Firmware Version 5 Released

F55-shoulder-kit-300x225 PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 Firmware Version 5 Released
Shoulder kit for the PMW-F5 and F55.

As well as the firmware update for the PXW-FS7 there is also a new update for the F5 and F55. Sony have released version 5 of the firmware which adds many new features. Key features are the addition of interval record (at last). The ability to record 4K on the F5 internally (after purchase of the CBKW55FX). Full support for the ENG shoulder kit (CBK55BK) and the addition of ProRes and DNxHD recording if you have the optional CBK-55PD encoder card (which is a return to Sony upgrade).

So lot’s of goodies for the PMW-F55 and F5 this Christmas. I just wish I could afford all the options. A fully loaded F5 would be incredibly versatile.

Here’s the link to the firmware:

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