Scene Files (Picture Profiles) for the PXW-FS7

See also my latest LUT’s for BOTH the PXW-FS7 and PXW-FS7M2.

One of the great features of the PXW-FS7 is the ability to be able to change the look of the images when shooting in Custom Mode. You can change many settings including the gamma curve, matrix and sharpness setting. The gamma settings change the contrast, the matrix the color and the detail and aperture settings change how sharp the pictures look.

Once you’ve made some changes you can save these settings as a Scene File using the File menu on an SD card.

I am a big fan of Sony’s Hypergammas. There are 6 in the FS7. Hypergamma 3 is very good for getting a nicer highlight roll off when shooting in lower light situations. Hypergamma 4 is good for brighter scenes and Hypergammas 7 and 8 really extends the cameras dynamic range and handles high contrast scenes very well, but can look a little flat so will need some tweaking in post production.  In fact all the hypergammas need a bit of a tweak in post as to get the very best from them you should expose your shots about 1 stop darker to keep skin tones etc out of the upper compressed part of the curve and then bring the brightness back up again in post.

Anyway here are some scene files for you to download and install in the camera.

AC-NEUTRAL-HG3 This is for flatter scenes, it provides a natural look with some yellow/green removed to provide a more neutral look.

AC-NEUTRAL-HG4 This is for brighter or high contrast scenes, it provides a natural look with some yellow/green removed to provide a more neutral look.

AC-FILMLIKE1 A high dynamic range film like look.

AC-FILMLIKE2 A high dynamic range film like look with an increased blue and red response with decreased yellow/green. A little more block-buster like.

AC-VIBRANT-HG3 A vivid matrix with good dynamic range. Good for punchy direct to air images where strong colours are wanted.

AC FS7 Scene Files, set of 5.
If you find these scene files useful, please consider buying me a beer or a coffee. All donations are really appreciated and allow me to spend more time on the blog creating new guides and scene files etc.

300x250_xdcam_150dpi Scene Files (Picture Profiles) for the PXW-FS7

pixel Scene Files (Picture Profiles) for the PXW-FS7

To install the files in the camera, download and unzip the zip file. Then copy the 5 001.SCENE, 002.SCENE files to the following directory on an SD card:


Insert the SD card in to the camera. Go to the “File” menu and “Scene File” and choose “Load from SD Card”.

If you already have some scene files on your SD card then you can re-number the Scene Files with numbers higher than the files already on your SD card before copying the new files to the SD card. Hope that makes sense??

460x150_xdcam_150dpi Scene Files (Picture Profiles) for the PXW-FS7

30 thoughts on “Scene Files (Picture Profiles) for the PXW-FS7”

  1. Hi Alister
    many thanks for this – can I assume your advice to switch off ‘white clip’ holds for your
    scene files also?

  2. Hi Alister,
    struggling to open the zip file on the Mac,
    any suggestions as I’m a bit thick with at stuff!

    1. Don’t know. You should be able to just unzip the file by double clicking on it with a mac and inside will be 5 files called 001.scene, 002.scene etc. Just copy thies files to an SD card and then load them in to the camera.

  3. Hi Alister,

    Thanks very much for these.

    What Zebra 2 settings would you recommend for them? Doug Jenson seems to be saying 90.


  4. Hi Alister,

    Reverse engineering question of sorts. Is there a scene file which would allow me to match the FS7 with a PDW-F800?

    1. It would be tough to do as the sensor technology is very different. You have the same Hypergamma curves in both cameras, so you can get similar gammas, but I haven’t compared the matrix settings of both.

  5. Hi Alister,

    I’m curious if these will work with the FS5 with it being the same sensor? I’ve had a quick look and I’m not sure the FS5 loads scene files in the same way as the FS7.


    1. I have not done scene files to match FS7 to EX1/EX3 etc. But if you use Cinegamma on an EX1 and Hypergamma on the FS7 the contrast will be similar.

    1. More or less. There are some very small differences but overall they are about the same.

  6. Hi Alister,
    Thanks so much for your expertise. We just bought our FS7 two days ago. Lots of studying and reading to prepare and learn. I downloaded the Scene Files you provided here. I am shooting on NTSC… 23.98 and have my shutter at 1/48. But I noticed all your scene files have a saved shutter of 1/40. Do I leave that or should I switch shutter back to 1/48 once I load a scene file. Also… are you able to save a Zebra setting in the scene files for each one or are there suggested Zebra thresholds for each scene file.
    Thanks so much! Enjoy your beer. I’m toasting you from Florida.

  7. Hmmm… got the files on an SD card (formatted in FS7 and with correct file structure), but can’t seem to get them to loaded into camera with either AllFile>load SD card or SceneFile>load SD card. Any suggestions?

  8. Hi Alister,
    Just wondering if there is an easy way to adapt these
    scene files for the new Fs7 2?
    I am now using both cameras, and looking for an easy way to match the look.


  9. Hello!

    I have got an FS7M2 and can’t get the camera to read any of the files loaded onto the SD card. Operating off a Mac but that shouldn’t be the issue I guess..

    The files saved to the card by the camera itself is there and accessible but both downloaded .SCENE and .CUBE files cannot be read/seen.

    The same goes for firmware update 4.10 which I can’t execute.

    The files are all there in the correct root directory (update exception – on blank formatted card) when I view them in Finder but when I insert the card into the camera they are simply invisible.

    Have tried to get an answer to this from Sony support but so far that has led me nowhere. My questions are..

    – Are the Scene Files and LUTs for the FS7 not viable in the FS7M2?
    – Are the firmware updates for the FS7 not applicable to the FS7M2, perhaps not even needed. My camera is in Version 1.00.

    Out shooting tomorrow. Deeply grateful for any help I can get with this..


  10. Hello,

    Have got confirmation from Sony that scene files dedicated to the FS7 will not work on the FS7M2. With the reference to a difference in file structure between the cameras.

    I would be ever grateful for an update of the scene file presets you have created Allister. From the mark1 system to be applicable on the mark2.

    Don’t know how much work that would mean for you but I’m definately prepared to PayPal you a whole night of coffee cups and beers if a link for new .SCENE files would to pop up…



    1. True that FS7 scene files don’t work with the FS7M2. Abel Cine recently posted versions of some of their old FS7 files updated for the FS7M2. Of course I look forward to Alister’s versions as well!
      Also: does anyone know of a scene file that is especially adapted to chroma key shooting?

  11. Hey all,

    I’ve started using the Abel Cine scene files and they definitely provide me with a new dimension to my work (mostly broadcast news).

    Really looking forward to see an update of Allister’s profiles to match the FS7II but also have a question. All of Abel Cine’s scene files are based on the different hypergamma curves. Is there any profile out there that is built around Slog3? Or is that simply not doable? What about Allister’s Filmlike profiles? Are they HG 7 and 8 or where do they come from? To me it seems a scene file based on Slog3 would provide the largest scope of dynamic range but still a pretty ready-to-go image coming out of the camera.

    Really grateful for an explanation regarding all this.



  12. Hi Allyster,
    I’m a new Sony FS7 MII new user. Are this settings goods for my camera also?
    Thanks, Alex

  13. Hello,

    Since there don’t seem to be any updates coming, it would be really nice if someone with an FS7 could write out the settings for Alister’s scene files so that we with the FS7II could enter them manually. Matrix, Multi Matrix, etc, etc..

    Understand that this would be pure goodwill of course but sure that many of us would appreciate the gesture very very much.


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