WYSIWYG LUT’s to play with.

Here are a couple of high dynamic range WYSIWYG LUTs to play with. These are for the F5/F55/FS7. The camera should be set to SGamut3.cine/S-log3 and the EI should be set to the base EI (2000EI F5/F55 and 1250 EI on the F55).

WYS-ACALW1 will give almost the full dynamic range of the camera with lots of highlight roll off. It’s created to capture an extremely large dynamic range to help cope with very bright scenes such as sunny exteriors. Skin tones should be around 55-65% for the best results so zebras set to around 60%.

WYS-ACHGC1 will give a 12.5 stop dynamic range. It has more contrast than ALW1 but a bit less dynamic range. The colour palette is based on a Canon type look. Skin tones should be around 60-70% so zebras set around 65%.

Let me know what you think.


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pixel WYSIWYG LUT's to play with.


5 thoughts on “WYSIWYG LUT’s to play with.”

  1. Hi Alister

    How do I actually get these files into a F5.. I know the menu side of it.. but what is this file structure stuff.. I format the card in the camera,and its total plank.. no private folder etc.. ?? confused.. or do I not need that ..

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