There are some ungrateful people out there!

Rant time, so ignore this if you are not interested.

I run for free. I provide a wealth of guides, LUT’s documentation and articles for free. It costs readers of the site absolutely nothing.

All I ask in return is for those that want to say thank you to buy me a coffee or a beer in the form of a small paypal payment for a coffee or beer.

But sadly there are some people out there that either don’t read what it says immediately above and below the PayPal button or pay any attention to what is stated on the PayPal transaction page. It clearly states “buy Alister a coffee (beer etc)”.

They make the payment and then open a PayPal dispute when they don’t receive whatever it is they are expecting to receive and I have to go through the whole rigmarole of refunding them etc.

Come on people, READ what it says you are buying, you are buying me a coffee or a beer as a token of your appreciation for the time and effort that goes in to running this site and providing a free resource. The LUT packs, PDF’s and other downloads are all under free links.

And finally I do appreciate the coffee’s and beer’s, I really do. I’m sorry that I don’t get around to thanking everyone that makes a contribution but I only have a limited amount of time that I can spend on the website and I often have to spend that time answering questions, responding to comments, preparing new articles and moderating the forum to keep the thousands of spammers and hackers that target the site every day at bay.

So a big thanks to all that have made a contribution of any size, but a suggestion to READ THROUGH THE TRANSACTION DETAILS to those that then open a dispute.

Rant over. Normal service shall be resumed.

4 thoughts on “There are some ungrateful people out there!”

  1. I have benefited from this site’s EX1R and F3 articles, profiles and videos. I came upon this rant and wanted to give you a beer but I’m not seeing a paypal button anywhere. Is there still a way to give you a beer somehow?

  2. Alister, I am glad to have found you again. A few years ago I saw you do some Youtube reviews on the AX100, which I eventually used to make the decision to “stick” with SONY – as I have since my first of many SONY’s since actually the early 1970’s ( BW reel to reel tapes back then). I have pondered video with a camera, but the video-cameras just have so much more to offer, it’s much easier to fry fish on a pan than in a cup… I am happy to buy you a beer for your ongoing commitment to this website. Please remember us non professionals from time to time. One of my current concerns is finding a suitable directional mic. Do I get that XLR adapter, or ??? Cheers.

    1. Get the XLR adapter then you have a huge choice of mics. The adapter can be used on any MI shoe camera so will probably get many years of use.

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