Caution with new type 128GB XQD cards in the PMW-F5 and F55 (maybe others too).

xqd-new Caution with new type 128GB XQD cards in the PMW-F5 and F55 (maybe others too).
New, faster G series XQD cards that may be causing problems in some cameras.


There have been some comments on an older thread about problems with the very latest slightly faster Sony G series 128GB XQD cards with Sony’s F5 and F55 cameras (thanks Justin and Richard).

Many people, including myself use XQD cards with the Sony QDA-EX1 adapter in the PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 as well as other SxS cameras. Up to now I’ve never heard of any real problems, basically they work pretty much the same as SxS cards.

Very recently Sony released a new very slightly faster XQD cards. The old cards have a maximum write speed of 350MB/s while the new cards have a max write speed of 440MB/s. You can see in the image above of one of the new cards that both the read and write speeds are shown on the front of the card. The old (good) cards only show a single speed (400MB/s).

From what I have been able to gather so far the old 128GB G series cards work just fine, but a few people are reporting that the new faster 128GB ones do not. Problems include being unable to format the cards in the camera or unable to write anything to the cards.

If you have any experience of this issue, good or bad, with the new 64GB or 128GB 440MB/s cards please let me know by adding a comment.


19 thoughts on “Caution with new type 128GB XQD cards in the PMW-F5 and F55 (maybe others too).”

  1. I have just purchased one of these new XQD G – E cards – the 128Gb version.
    This card does not work with my F5 (in a Sony QDA-EX1 adapter)running version 7.01 firmware.
    I mentioned this to Clive Cannon the Technical Support Manager for Sony Broadcast & Professional here in New Zealand, and he has informed Sony Japan about this problem.
    Potentially a firmware update for the F5 and F55 , Clive says, could resolve this compatibility issue with these new XQD cards.

    1. Addendum to my post above:
      re. Compatibility issues with these new Sony G- E series XQD cards.
      Clive Cannon just got back to me.
      Sony Japan informed him the new version 8 firmware for the F5 / F55 due August 16th , 2016 will fix this compatibility issue with these new G – E series XQD cards.
      Good news!!

  2. This only effects the very new faster cards denoted by 440MB/s on the front. Older 400MB/s cards are fine.

    I also had it confirmed overnight that Sony are aware of this and it will be resolved in firmware V8.

  3. Sony XQD 128GB 128GB G series is a great card I use in my D4 and D5. My problem is with the read speed I get nowhere near the 400MB/s most of the time it is in the range of 75MB/s. Yes it is plugged into a USB3.0 port. My computer is i7 with 64gigs of ram. Upgraded to WIN 10 and now it is even slower.

  4. Hi I just bought a QD-G128E for my FS7, which refused to format the card. The FS7 had firmware 3.0
    After updating to 3.1 the card could be formated. Firmware v4.0 also work.

  5. I have just taken delivery of one of these new 128gb cards and it won’t work with my F5. It will allow me to format it but just shows up full.
    Anybody know when we can expect the version 8 software?

  6. Hi I have experience the same problem with the 128g G series with my Sony PXW X180 also have done a firm ware upgrade with no success. Please advise.

  7. I recently purchased this exact card and it does not work with the FS7. Was on location at a commercial shoot when I discovered it. Yikes! Luckily I had two other cards that did work. Very frustrating.

  8. I’ve just noticed with the new version of the 128gb card that the record duration is less by 7 minutes in 1080 50i on the fs7 compared to the previous series. Anyone else experience this and know the reason why?

  9. I experienced it with my Sony Pxw x180 the G series Xqd doesn’t work at all. May we have to wait for new firmware.

  10. Just bought FOUR of the Lexar 128GB 440 models… they won’t format on my Sony Z-100 camcorder. Now checking about firmware updates.

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