PXW-FS5 Firmware Version 4.02 Released.

Sony have just released firmware version 4.02 for the PXW-FS5. This firmware fixes the bugs found by Sony in the initial release of the version 4 firmware and includes the new Hybrid Log Gamma picture profile No. 10 along with a change to the cameras base ISO rating. I note that there is no mention of the problems with HLG clips in Adobe Premiere, so this will require further testing to see if this has been fixed.

The firmware can be downloaded from here:


From Sony:

Ver4.02 (Functionally, it is the same as the Ver.4.00.)

V4.02 fixes the following issue:
1.      Video image may be recorded with short delay of 2 or 3 frames of audio in other recording modes than AVCHD.
2.      When choosing [HLG1],[HLG2] or [HLG3] in the PictureProfile and CENTER SCAN in the CAMERA/PAINT menu, rebooting the camera may cause brightness and color shift.

Ver4.00(For your information)
1.    Support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) by shooting in Hybrid Log-Gamma** (HLG) standard
2.    Support for continuous 120fps High Frame Rate (HFR) recording in 1080p with CBKZ-FS5HFR (sold separately)
3.    Option to change the minimum ISO sensitivity number to ISO 2000 from ISO 3200 when recording S-Log2/S-Log3

11 thoughts on “PXW-FS5 Firmware Version 4.02 Released.”

  1. Thank you for all this info on the FS5.

    As a long time producer/editor who always hired camera pros, I’m now learning the tech side of cameras, and your site is is invaluable to me.

    Many thanks.


  2. I think I have come across new problem/bug with the FS5 in v4.02 update. After rotating the ND in on the FS5 (preset & variable). I noticing subtle horizontal bands, causing magenta and green bands across a VF & recored image when underexposed.

    Tried different Picture profiles as well as different lenses including the FS5 kit zoom. Problem still exists.

    Wondering if you are able to replicate this issue with your camera?

    Thank you in advance.

        1. It appears that Sony are aware of this and a fix is on the way. In the mean time they recommend using +6dB gain in the HFR modes.

          1. Thanks Alister,

            Good to know Sony doing a fix soon. Wasn’t even attempting to record HFR. Was purposely misusing the Slog-2 gamma with 709color. I was at 2000iso and it appears to happen only when I roll ND in. Almost like the Variable/?electronic? ND (even in preset) is out of sync with frequency of camera. To descripe further it’s lirteraly a synchro-scan look of magenta bar across footage then a green bar below and continues the same pattern to the bottom of frame. When ND is out or over exposed it does not show as easily. It’s subtle but noticeable and it’s recording to media :-(.

  3. Alister,

    Any idea where to download a firmware update for the FS5? Got a second hand with firmware 1.0. Trying to find where to do an update. But your link does not lead to it, just to the website of Sony, but no FS5 firmware there.

  4. hi can i update from v3.0? or i need to install 4.0 first?

    another question if i can update can i still buy the raw update if i plan to?


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