Digital Film Making Workshop – Dubai.

alister-wb Digital Film Making Workshop - Dubai.I’m running a digital film making workshop in Dubai, December 15/16th 2017.

This 1.5 day course will take you through composition, lighting, and exposure (including color, gamma and exposure index) as well as post production including different grading techniques including LUT’s, S-Curves and color managed workflows. It will focus on how to create high quality, film-like images using the latest digital techniques. It will also cover one of the hotest topics right now which is HDR.

Day 2 will include practical sessions where different shooting techniques can be tested to compare how they effect the end result.

Full details of the workshop can be found here:

460x150_xdcam_150dpi Digital Film Making Workshop - Dubai.

One thought on “Digital Film Making Workshop – Dubai.”

  1. Hey Alister.

    Thanks for all your amazing work teaching so many around the world the ins and outs of Sony Film making – personally you helped me go from zero knowledge to reasonably competent acknowledging how much more there is to learn and master! Any chance you will ever make it to Australia? I would be the first to sign up and i’m sure that if you were to visit Melbourne (my location), Sydney and Brisbane you will have no shortage of attendees.

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