Spaces open for my January 2018 Northern Lights adventure.

©-Jan-Helmer-Olsen-Ravnastua_2017-01297-1024x576 Spaces open for my January 2018 Northern Lights adventure.
Picture taken by Jan Helmer Olsen. One of the guides on the tour.

Due to the unexpected redundancy of one of my guests I am now looking to sell on a couple of places on my Northern Lights expedition in January on his behalf.

The trip starts and finishes in Alta, Norway. Food is included for most of the trip. We spend 4 days up on the Finnmarksvidda where we normally get amazing Northern Lights viewing opportunities. I can also help guide anyone that wants to learn how to photograph or video the Aurora.

This is a real adventure and a lot of fun. The only way up to the cabins by snow scooter, crossing frozen lakes along the way. We eat a campfire lunch in a Sami style tent, we go ice fishing, exploring by snow scooter and enjoy traditional sauna nights.

More details can be found here:

2 thoughts on “Spaces open for my January 2018 Northern Lights adventure.”

  1. Hi Alister,
    What camera do you usually take to these expeditions?
    I wonder if you’ve encountered any trouble with a particular camera in the extreme cold, or if you have a certain preference in these situations. I wonder if the A7S would be a good choice camera for this, or if the metal body would make it freeze faster. I may be going on a similar trip in northern Canada, facing -25 degrees constantly.
    Thank you for any advice!

    1. I’ve taken all sorts of cameras, F55, EX1, A7s, a6300 and all have performed surprisingly well down to about -20c. When it goes below -20c the smaller cameras do suffer more, generally the really small batteries struggle in the very cold temps, but are still useable. As you approach -30c the battery life really starts to fall away on all of the cameras, but a large camera with a big battery will be less effected than a small camera with a small battery simply because the bigger camera takes longer to cool. However after 30 mins or so, both big and small cameras will be getting cold to the core. The smaller the battery the quicker it can cool down, so the less it lasts. Power an A7s from a large external batter and it will work very well at -30c provide you only use the electronic shutter, the grease in the mechanical shutter gets too stiff when it’s very cold.

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