Sony Venice LUT.

Sony’s new Rec-709 style LUT for the Venice camera is now available. This Lut was designed to work with the Venice camera to provide a new film like look with beautiful highlight roll-off.  In it’s current form it only works with S-Log3/S-Gamut3.cine material, although you could use the excellent LUTCalc app to create different versions.

Although designed for Venice the LUT works really well with footage from the FS5, FS7, F5 and F55 etc.

You can download the base LUT from here until the end of July.

460x150_xdcam_150dpi Sony Venice LUT.

31 thoughts on “Sony Venice LUT.”

  1. Looking forward to playing with it when it’s available again. Hopefully I’ll even get to use a Venice some day!

    1. Seems to work for some people but not for others. I’m wondering if it is a regional thing. It might also depend on whether you have a CI account. I’m going to see if I can host it.

      1. Hi Alister. I have a CI account but it doesn’t let me download it. Probably a regional thing.

  2. The file download worked fine for me but what I don’t understand is the naming convention for the cube luts.

    1. 709 is for Rec709 output, P3DCI is for P3 DCI and the D65 one is for P3 DCI with a D65 white point.

      1. Thanks but they have names like the following from the Grading folder:


        I suspect corruption in the Zip download, some errors unpacking.

        1. No corruption. Those are the offset LUT’s for different Exposure Indexes or different offset exposures. -2p00 is -2.0 stops for footage shot 2 stops bright. The LUT bringing the 2 stops bright footage down by -2.00 stops.

          -1p50 brings footage down 1.5 stops etc.

        2. hey do you think you could send me the lut anyone? the link isnt working would love to try it. a wetransfer link would be cool. thanks kindly.

  3. Hi Alister, we have a Venice and would love to get the lut but I’m having the same download issue and Prime support could only lead me back to this page. Is there any another way to get hold of it?
    Many thanks

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