Recording the slow motion S&Q output of an FS5 to a normal external recorder (not raw).

This has been asked a couple of times. How do I record the slow motion S&Q output of my PXW-FS5 to an external recorder if I don’t have the raw option or don’t want to use raw.

Well it is possible and it’s quite easy to do. You can do it with either an SDI or HDMI recorder, both will work. The example here is for the new Atomos Ninja V recorder, but the basic idea is the same for most recorders.

Just to be absolutely clear this isn’t a magic trick to give you raw with a conventional non raw recorder. But it will allow you to take advantage of the higher quality codec (normally ProRes) in the external recorder.

Oh and by the way – The Ninja V is a great external monitor and recorder if you don’t want raw or you need something smaller than the Inferno.

So here’s how you do it:

In the camera menu and “Rec Set” – set the file format to XAVC HD and the Rec Format to 1080/50p or 1080/60p it MUST be 50p or 60p for this to work correctly.

DSC_0340 Recording the slow motion S&Q output of an FS5 to a normal external recorder (not raw).

In “Video Out” select the HDMI (for the Ninja, if you recorder has SDI then this works with SDI too).

DSC_0339 Recording the slow motion S&Q output of an FS5 to a normal external recorder (not raw).

Set the SDI/HDMI to 1080p/480i or 1080p/560i it MUST be p not i

Set HDMI TC Output to ON

Set SDI/HDMI Rec Control to ON

DSC_0338 Recording the slow motion S&Q output of an FS5 to a normal external recorder (not raw).

Connect the Ninja (or other recorder) via HDMI and on the Ninja under the input settings set the record trigger to HDMI – ON. If you are using a recorder with SDI you should have similar options for the SDI input.

DSC_0342 Recording the slow motion S&Q output of an FS5 to a normal external recorder (not raw).

So now what will happen is when you use the S&Q mode at 100fps or higher the camera will act as normally, you will still need a SD card in the camera. But when the camera copies the slow motion footage from the internal buffer to the SD card the external recorder will automatically go into record at the same time and record the output stream of the buffer. Once the buffer stream stops, the recorder will stop.

The resulting file will be 50p/60p. So if you want to use it in a 24/25/30p project and get the full slow-mo benefit you will need to tell the edit software to treat the file as a 24/25/30p file to match the other clips in your project. Typically this is done by right clicking on the clip and using the “interpret footage” function to set the frame rate to match the frame rate of your project or other footage.

And that’s it. It’s pretty simple to do and you can improve the quality of your files over the internal recordings, although I have to say you’ll be hard pushed to see any difference in most cases as the XAVC is already pretty good.

12 thoughts on “Recording the slow motion S&Q output of an FS5 to a normal external recorder (not raw).”

  1. Hi Alister. Am I correct when I say that it is NOT possible to record 4K (not RAW) video from FS5M2 on Atomos Inferno? For some reason I keep thinking I have before…driving me crazy! Thank you in advance for your help.

  2. Hi Alister. I shoot on FS7. I’m looking at getting either the ATOMOS SHINOBI to just monitor or the ATOMOS NINJA V to also record to ProRes. However, I don’t have the XDCA-FS& Extension Unit. Will I still be able to record to ProRes on the NINJA V without the XDCA-FS& Extension Unit and is it worth it or does it make more sense to just stick to XAVC in the camera and use ATOMOS SHINOBI to monitor?

    Also, SHINOBI only does 4KDCIp30 HDMI. What happens when I use S&Q 100fps or higher?

    Hope that makes sense. Thanks

    1. You will only be able to record 10 bit HD or 8 bit UHD via the HDMI. You won’t be able to record at more than 60fps.

  3. Hi Alister! Just trying to understand the above question/response.
    Is it possible to record 4k ProRes (not Raw) 10-bit 422 (Log) to an Atomos Ninja V via HDMI on the FS5M2? Or must you use a certain SDI connection?

  4. Hi Alister, wanted know if it is possible to record 4k 60 ProRes 10-bit 422 (Log) to an Atomos shogun inferno with HDMI or SDI on the FS5M2?

  5. Hi Alister,
    After I watched one of your videos on FS5 and recording Raw with external recorder, I bought the shogun Flame. I was interested in recording 2K RAW continuous sow motion, but, the FLAME doesn’t allow it ! Did I miss something and do you have any kind of solution ? Best regards, Lionel.

    1. Have you Selected “RAW 2K Super Slow” as under video output, then pressed the S&Q button to enter S&Q and press S&Q again to get to the 2K output?

      1. Thks your reply,As output format I have: 4096X2160/50p or 25p,  RAW 2K SUPER SLOW. I have set up START trigger. When I press rec, REC is written in white with a white sign showing the signal is going out.  But nothing on the Shogun Flame ! REC sign does even light up.  No file on the Atomos… 

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