Sony’s XLR-K3M Includes an MI Shoe relocation cable!

Screenshot-2019-11-29-at-17.19.55 Sony's XLR-K3M Includes an MI Shoe relocation cable!
Sony’s XLR-K3M kit includes an MI Shoe relocation cable.

This is something a lot of people have been asking for. An extension or relocation cable that allows you to place devices that will be connected to a camera via the MI Shoe away from the shoe itself.

But in order to get the MI Shoe relocation cable you have to buy the whole XLR-K3M XLR adapter kit, you can’t get the cable on it’s own. This is a shame as I would like to use the cable with my UWP-D series radio mics. I’m not a fan of having the radio mic receiver right on top of the handle as it tends to stick out and get in the way when you put the camera into most camera bags. But, I don’t really need the XLR adapter.

Anyway, here’s a link to the XLR-K3M for those that really need that cable (or the new XLR adapter).

14 thoughts on “Sony’s XLR-K3M Includes an MI Shoe relocation cable!”

  1. Something tells me Alister that you know people at Sony to talk to. I’m sure you’ve let them know that in a news magazine/documentary environment any device in the multipurpose shoe would most likely get smashed off or damaged in the field.

    What would be great is a longer extension cable and a unit that’s was smaller than the one you posted that accepted XLR inputs, they could be a full size 5 pin or even mini XLR’s. Then the box could be at the rear of the camera (Sony don’t forget some clever mounting points), basically another set of XLR inputs.

    Sony got half way there by having audio controls for 4 channels on the camera, bravo! Yes the Raw extension unit can be part of the solution with the drop in radio receiver (do they still disable Lectro SR receivers from two channels? Not nice Sony), but why add all that bulk?

    I work for a well know magazine show that requires stereo camera mic on two channels and a sound guy doing their thing on the other two. This is why I need it, I’m sure others do also.

    Come on Sony, you can do it!

  2. Hm. The XLR-K1M which is still available looks very similar. It also comes with a relocation cable. The difference between the two adapters must be the newer model also accepts TRS and mini jack microphones, the older one only XLR.

    1. The XLR-K1M does have a relocation cable, but it’s built in. This one is a separate part, meaning that it could also be used with the single and dual channel wireless receivers!

        1. i think it is possible to by the cable as a spare part, but purchased that way it’s almost the same price as the whole thing, so better to buy the XLR-K3M, keep the cable and sell on the XLR box on it’s own.

          1. Hello mr Chapman, any updates on a workaround for this K3M extension cable? Does it have to be that specific cable? Surely there is another hot shoe extension cable that would work in this case. I have the K2M and it is the only thing missing from my rig due to the nato top handle. Any help would be appreciated!

  3. Too bad the cable is oriented poorly toward the front, and not flexible at the base– blocking use of a nato handle in the middle. I have to slide my handle toward the left and off-balance when using the cable.

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