PXW-FX9 Things that might trip you up.

Using the FX9 more and more in many different configurations I do every now and again come across things that can perhaps don’t work quite as expected. So I thought I would list them here and I will add to the list as I come across anything else.


When using an external recorder connected via HDMI: To remotely control the record function of the external recorder you have to enable the record control via HDMI in the Project Menu. But you ALSO have to enable the HDMI timecode output in the Timecode menu. This is not obvious and took me a while to figure out. Also remember to turn off the text overlays via “Monitoring – Output Display – HDMI” if you want a clean output.

Unable to change the SDI or HDMI output format? If Picture Cache is turned on you may not be able to change the monitoring output format settings. Temporarily turn off the picture cache function to change the output settings.

Can’t access any network functions.  Before you can use any of the cameras network capabilities you must first set up a password. Until you set up a password you will not be able to access any of the other network functions.

No Hi/Lo Key Function in CineEI: Currently there is no assignable Hi/Lo Key function in CineEI  (even though the user manual suggests that there is). The workaround is to simply raise and lower the EI to see what’s going on in the highlights and shadows. So if shooting at 800EI, temporarily lowering the EI to 200 allows you to see what’s going on in the highlights. Don’t forget to put the EI back to 800 when you are done.

I Can’t Select MLUTS For Just The Viewfinder or Outputs: A limitation of the FX9 is that you cannot have MLUTs on only the outputs and VF when the main recording format is not UHD.  You can select a global MLUT by selecting MLUT ON for Internal Rec and then the LUT is applied everywhere but this is not what you typically want. The workaround is to not use the MLUTs but instead to use Viewfinder Display Gamma Assist which is the direct equivalent of the 709(800) LUT but it can only be applied to the viewfinder itself. 

As always let me know if you feel there is anything else you would like to add. I will be creating a separate page about the cameras LUT options and limitations which are somewhat confusing. 

460x150_xdcam_150dpi PXW-FX9 Things that might trip you up.

16 thoughts on “PXW-FX9 Things that might trip you up.”

  1. Hey Alister,

    I watched your mega 3.5hr talk at Vocas which was fabulous. One thing that got my attention in a ‘wait, what?!’ way was you mentioned the camera is 19.5v.

    The ‘In the box’ for the camera mentions that it has a power supply, but I wonder how do the after market battery sleds from Wooden Camera, Core SWX (which also as a 4pin XLR in) deal with this? Can you get to the DC in port when the after market sleds are on the camera.

    I just ordered two of them, so just trying to clarify how it works.

  2. Hi Alister, FX9 Audio….
    Have you tried listening to the audio through the headphone jack? I’ve tried and no signal is coming from the plug. I’m using SenheiserHD25 headphones with minijack.
    I the audio output menu – looks like you can only change mono or stereo output.

    Also in the audio input menu – there is no ‘access’ to Ch 1 – so I use this for the internal microphone. Ch 2 – you can only have input 1 or 2 and then Ch 3 you can’t have input 2 and similar for Ch 4. Also the HDMI audio out – you can only choose Ch1/Ch2 or Ch3/Ch4 which seems limiting.

    Have you had a look into the audio controls in depth yet?

    Great ACS chat about the FX9!

  3. Doh! Just found that volume controls on the side of the camera were turned to zero. Also, this is referred to on page 29 on the manual. Hearing sound through the headphones fine now…..

    The allocation of inputs to Channels does seem a bit limiting. I’ve ended up Ch1 as internal, Ch 2 for input 2 (for shotgun mic), Ch 3 for input 1 (when i need my wireless lav set up), Ch 4 for input 2 as well. As the audio output via HDMI is limited to either Ch1/Ch2 or Ch3/Ch4 -so I’m outputting Ch3/4. Not sure if the atomos will record these as separate audio tracks, will have to test this.

  4. Hi Alister,

    Shooting in FF6k, 1920×1080 S-Gamut3.Cine/SLog3. The monitor LUT is set to s709, but in Monitor LUT setting, ‘monitor LUT’ is greyed out and all of the outputs and Vf are set to s-log3 and also greyed out. So I can only view in s-log. I’ve noticed that if I change to shoot UHD these options are no longer greyed out and can view in s709.

    Am I missing something?

    Many thanks,


    1. No you are not missing anything. MLUT’s are limited to a global LUT (on or off for everything including recording) when you are recording HD.

      1. Today I was shooting in UHD on my FX9 and all the LUT options were greyed-out. Same when I switched to 4K to test it there.

        Surely there must be something else in play that prevented any use of LUT.

        1. This is well known and well documented limitation of the FX9. You can only have independent LUTs when shooting in 4K and monitoring in HD. Most likely a processing limitation – I suspect the same processor is used to EITHER produce the HD recording stream or produce the HD output stream with LUT.

  5. So when using the gamma display assist function when in cine ei 1080p, does changing the EI level also change the way the image appears on the viewfinder? I spend most of my time shooting Cine EI on a FS7 and find it extremely helpful.

    1. No, it is a viewfinder function and not a LUT. However because the FX9 does not need the same over exposure as the FS7 I tend to use VF Gamma Assist most of the time as I’m always looking at the same image no matter what mode I am in, including playback, and the waveform then measures the actual log exposure.

      1. I think you made a typo at your last comment… you probably meant that the fx 9 doesn’t need the same overexposure as the fs7… right?

  6. Am I the only one confused by the audio interface? I don’t see any control for input one…the menu skips to 2, 3 and 4?

    I know it’s probably my fault, but it just doesn’t make sense to me.


    1. The input controls for channels 1 and 2 are on the side of the camera. There is an additional item for channel 2 in the menu so you can route the audio from channel 1 to channel 2 so you can record a single microphone on both channels 1 and 2. It’s all in the very handy and helpful user manual on page 39.

      1. Thank you Alister! I read the manual but got thrown off by the interface. I guess I was stuck on the f5 interface and got confused by the menu items showing chan2-4 but not one and thought I was doing something wrong. With your explanation, it makes sense now. Thank you again Alister!

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