New s709 LUT For The FX6 and FX9 That’s Less Green Than The Sony LUT.

Many users of the FX9 that have been shooting S-Log3 are finding that when they add the standard Sony version of the s709 LUT that their pictures have a slight green tint. I believe that this is because originally the s709 LUT was designed for the Sony Venice camera and the FX9 is very slightly different.  I recently created an experimental LUT to minimise this tint but some people found this tended to push some images slightly magenta.

So I now have a new version of the LUT which really does help combat the green tint. The difference between this LUT and Sony’s original s709 LUT is very small. The idea isn’t to create a new look, just to help get rid of the tint. So you won’t see a big difference, it’s subtle, but I think it really is better.

Click Here to download the ACs709 For FX9 LUT set.

Note: These LUTs are for S-Log3 and SGamut3.cine from the FX9. As usual I have include different versions of the LUT. There are 65x LUT’s suitable for grading as well as 33x LUT’s for monitors or grading software that doesn’t support the higher quality 65x LUTs. There are also minus1 and minus2 LUTS that have 1 and 2 stop exposure shifts for footage that has been shot brighter than the base exposure. In addition I have include the same LUTs but with Legal range input levels for use on Atomos and other recorders that record ProRes in using Legal Range.

Please feel free to share a link to this page if you wish to share these LUT’s with anyone else or anywhere else. But only share via a link to this page please.

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pixel New s709 LUT For The FX6 and FX9 That's Less Green Than The Sony LUT.

34 thoughts on “New s709 LUT For The FX6 and FX9 That’s Less Green Than The Sony LUT.”

  1. Somehow the “Buy now” button does not work as expected. It takes me to my PayPal overview, but there is no obvious way to initiate a transfer. (I tried with the “Cocktail” option)

  2. Thanks for the work you do Alister, but I am very confused.

    I want to get my hands on the FX9 and test. But I thought that Sony final changed the tech on the Venice and FX9 for S-Log3 SGamut3.cine recording. Allowing users to change color temp, plus/minus green as well as EI/ISO and this valuable metadata would travel with the image to any NLE? Is this not correct? When handing over S-Log3 SGamut3.cine footage to a client, will the client still just see the chosen base ISO (over or under exposed depending on how you rate the camera) and no plus/minus green CC or custom color temp changes?

    I apologize for my ignorance, like I said I still haven’t had a chance to test the FX9 out (and still will). But this is important information that will be a big deciding factor in my next camera purchase.

  3. Hi Alister,
    Looking again and again the menu and I can’t find the way to import user 3D LUT into the FX9? Is that a limitation? It would be very strange as it was so easy and nice on FS7. Thanks for your help

  4. First off, thanks for creating these LUTs.

    After some use, I’ve found that the “Minus1” and “Minus 2” exposure compensated versions seem have a reduced peak-white and higher black point than the base LUT. So I tend to always need to add a levels adjustment after the LUT to bring back some contrast. Is this normal? Is it a side-effect of the exposure compensation built into the LUT?

    Thanks for your time.

  5. This LUT works great on the FS7 as well. I know you didn’t build it for that, but it works wonderfully. Glad to donate for such useful tools.

    1. Hi Alister! First of all, thanks for your help.

      I have some questions. I’ve been trying a couple of LUTs and there are different results depending on where im applying the LUT. I’m testing on my FX9 V.2 and when i use the LUT in camera, the result is flater than when im outputing slog3 over SDI and applying the LUT in the Atomos monitor, that looks much more contrasty. Am i missing someting? Another question, i tryied to import several LUTs into the FX9 and the Atomos monitor and i couldn’t, including yours ACs709 fx9 (grading LUT). Is that because they are 65x instead of 33x?


      1. So Abel Cine just released their Scene files and they are great and can essentially act as LUTS. I’d love some sort of patch that could convert .cube 3D Luts to scene files. That would be a miraculous act of God. Alternatively I’d love to be a Beta Tester for Version 2.0. That would also be amazing.

        Thank you for your hard work on the information for the FX9. Its almost a great camera. : )

        1. There simply are not enough ways to adjust the cameras gamma curves and matrix settings to make it possible to directly convert most LUT’s to a picture profile.

  6. Would love to load this LUT onto my FX9 now that Sony has released firmware V2.01 with support of User 3D LUTs. However, I can’t seem to find any instructions or any mention of 3D LUTs in the updated FX9 menu. Has anyone had any luck?

  7. Do I use the Grading: 65x-V3.0_Base.cube LUT or Monitor: 33x-V3.0_Base.cube LUT for loading into my FX9 for baking in?
    Drink on it’s way – thanks for all the hard work

    1. I don’t provide shifted versions of the 65x LUT as it won’t work in most cameras and in post production you can shift the exposure easily enough with a correction before the LUT.

  8. Hi Alister, sent private message too, but any thoughts on issue loading base 33 lut into TV logic monitor, says “unsupported”, but happy with -1 or -2 versions?
    Regards Paul Jarvis

  9. Hi Alister,

    I just upgrade to FX6 from A7SII, thanks to your extensive informations, I have a much better starting point. Can I please double check with you that the lut set will work just fine for FX6(I’m waiting my FX6 to arrive), and for the file legal-in for atomos prores, may I please ask is it a must when using the lut with shogun 7? and does it affect the reading if I’m choosing prores raw or other codec?

    Lastly, I’ll be super grateful if you could please guide me, if I’m always shooting in low light condition for run and gun where setting proper lights are not much of an option, which mode and profile should give me the best result?

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, these LUTs will work with the FX6 just fine. You must always use the Legal LUT with the Atomos recorders due to the way they treat all files as legal range. If you don’t the images will look different on the Atomos compared to the camera.

      Picture profiles don’t really change the camera performance in low light, all they can ever do is give you different amounts of contrast. The amount of contrast that works best will depend on what you are shooting and how you need the final images to look. The basic S-Cinetone mode is probably as good a place to start as any.

      1. Thank you so much for your help, therefore, my work flow always include a lot of post work in color, I understand S-Cinetone is not meant for too much post work but rather a quick turn around, in the sense that it’s not really a flat profile, with A7SII, I always shot in EOSHD flat profile and grade in post, but with FX6, seems everyone is talking about shooting log profile, but I understood one should avoid shooting log if there’s not enough light, that’s my concern, or will you still suggest me to start with S-Cinetone?

        Many thanks

  10. Hi Alister,

    Thank you for “cooking” these Luts on your own. I do appreciate your work.

    I tried on the FX9 that I have been discovering for a few days, and I am quite disappointed. The green cast is still strong.

    One year and more after the release of the FX9, how is it possible that SONY doesn’t fix this huge (anormal) color drift ?

    I am really astonished to see that Sony doesn’t have proposed a definitive solution to fix this essential part of a professional flagship camera.

    Mr Chapman, do you know if Sony is really aware of this issue ?


  11. HI THERE,
    I just downloaded the LUT for FX9 and paid ist via PayPal. But I can‘t finde ist?

    It‘s in May Downloads…

    Can you help me somehow?

    Than you.


    Michael Jany

  12. Hi Alister,

    I’ve just tried to download from the green link and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I also wanted to check that this LUT will work on my Third party monitoring tools? Like my TV Logic and Gratical eye to help when shooting 1080?

    1. This is fixed now, an issue with the website cache, thank you for bringing it to my attention. It is designed to work with any device that correctly uses S-Log3 at Data Range. Unfortunately some monitors translate S-Log3 to legal range. I haven’t tested recent TVLogic firmware to ascertain how they handle it.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, it should work now. This is actually an issue with the Chrome Browser blocking downloads it judges to be unsafe and it is affecting many websites. I have upgraded the HTTPS/SSL here with some new server tools and it should work for you now.

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