Inside the Big Top. A short film from Glastonbury 2019. Shot on Venice.

As there is no Glastonbury Festival this year the organisers and production company have been releasing some videos from last year. This video was shot mostly with Venice using Cooke 1.8x anamorphics. The non Venice material is from an FS5. It’s a behind the scenes look at the activities and performances around the Glastonbury Big Top and the Theater and Circus fields. 


4 thoughts on “Inside the Big Top. A short film from Glastonbury 2019. Shot on Venice.”

  1. Noob question: never filmed such events indoor, how do you whit balance it? Leave everything at 3200? Don’t think you can rely on AUTO with so different lights! Thanks!

    1. Lots of ways of doing it. You can use a colour meter to measure the colour temperature, you can use a grey card or dial in a preset. If you want to capture the colour of coloured lights you need to determine the colour temperature of the primary or prevailing light in the scene and balance for that so that the coloured lights contrast against that. In this case the white balance was set to daylight as the light entering the tent from outside as well as the LED lights were primarily daylight. Then a good, calibrated colour monitor is used to check that it looks the way you want it to.

  2. Hi, Alister!
    I’ve noticed a very interesting thing with Venice when switching betwing base ISOs and using false color as my exposure assist tool. So let’s say i am at 500 base ISO and I see some highlight clipping through false color. Now i am switching to 2500 base ISO and using the lowest ISO at that base (which is 640). So in theory i should have less stops in highlights (+4 according to Sony’s graph), but in reality previously clipped highlights no longer clipping at that ISO. I find it counterlogical, maybe you will have an explaination to this phenonmenon.

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