Correction re FX6 LANC Control.

Correction re FX6 Lanc: I wish to make everyone aware that I may have given incorrect information about the LANC control ports on the FX6. My excuse is: It was very hard to get official spec sheets from Sony and I hadn’t notice a subtle change. I apologize to anyone this may have affected. The hand grip on the FX6 appears to be the same as the FS5 hand grip, except it now uses a 3.5mm 4 pole plug instead of the 2.5mm 3 pole plug that the FS5 have. So the hand grip socket on the camera body is also now 3.5mm 4 pole and not 2.5mm 3 pole. THERE IS HOWEVER AN EXTRA 2.5mm LANC PORT THE SAME AS THE FS5 ON THE REAR OF THE CAMERA BODY. I have also discovered that the FX9 handgrip when plugged into the USB style Multi connector on the back of the FX6 will result in an unsupported device message. This might simply be a firmware issue, the cameras I have played with are pre-production with beta firmware. But I have not been able to confirm this.

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  1. There is a 2.5mm lanc port on the rear of the camera that is compatible with the FS5/FS7 grip. But the one on the side is not.

  2. The FS7 grip appears to work on the rear remote jack of the FX6.
    Wondering if the viewfinder from FS7 does. The cable is longer than the one on the FX6 viewfinder.

  3. As it’s 4 pole does this mean that a stereo 3.5mm jack audio cable will not work as an extension for the handgrip? I’m mounting on a jimmy jib but struggling to get a LANC extension in country (New Zealand).

  4. Can I use an ergocine handle with start / stop Lanc cable to the Lanc port on the fx6? And would having a 3.5 to 2.5 adapter still allow it to work?

  5. I’ve not gotten my Nucleus Nano(Start/Stop) to work with either the LANC or the Remote Port on my FX-6. Does anybody experience this too or does anyone have a solution for this?

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