FX6 Q&A LiveStream (recording) with me Alister Chapman.

I recently did a 90 minute long livestream Q&A in association with Visual Impact. Lots of topics covered from AF to S-Cinetone.
Topics covered:

S-Cinetone,   Differences between the FX6 and FX9,   interlace output, AF zones and touch screen,   using it in low temperatures,   the LCD screen,   3rd party lenses and AF,    differences between FS5/FS7 etc,   Dynamic range,   image quality,   raw output,   tuning the AF,    Eye AF,    Scan modes and crops,   SD cards and recording media,   changing the custom mode look using LUTs,   Adjusting the knee to make the FX6 broadcast safe,   High base ISO and noise,   Scene files and Base looks,    clear image zoom,   base ISO levels,   firmware updates.

You can watch the recording of the stream here:


3 thoughts on “FX6 Q&A LiveStream (recording) with me Alister Chapman.”

  1. Hi Alistair. A great presentation as always.
    I would like to ask you a question.
    I am getting a Sony FX6 along with the large power zoom Sony F4 28 -135mm lens. For hand held use I want to put a plate underneath the camera and lens support to screw them together so as to protect the lens from falling off whilst carrying the camera. I have a 200mm x 40mm plate to do this, but I worry it is not wide enough to stop the camera and attached lens toppling over sideways when I put it down.
    I see in your video, the tripod top plate looks broader than 40 mm and appears quite long and wonder if it would therefore do a better job in both holding the lens securely and not letting it all topple sideways when put down.
    I gather it is fractionally over 150mm between the distal screws under the camera and the lens support.
    Would this top plate hence fit, what are its dimensions, what is it called and where could I get one from?
    Sorry you have had to read through all this. Kind regards.

    1. I use a standard Euro Plate/Touch and Go quick release on all my tripods and the plate is quite wide, but it is not very long so will not bridge the gap between the camera and lens foot. It’s 65mm wide x 79mm long.

  2. Hello,
    Have you any clue why there is no UHD 422 10 bits long gop available ? It would be so usefull for some documentary shooting.

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