FX9 to get Anamorphic In Firmware Version 3.

Sony today release an update covering many things. But of particular interest to FX9 and FX6 owners was news that both the FX6 and FX9 will get firmware updates to add 120fps raw. For the FX9 you will still need the XDCA-FX9 and to be honest this has always been promised, but it’s good to see it hasn’t been forgotten about. This update should be out next month.

In addition the FX9 will gain the ability to shoot Anamorphic in the version 3 firmware update which will be released later in the year. There will be both 1.3x and 2x anamorphic desqueeze as well as the addition cinemascope frame lines. This is on top of the previously announced 2K super 16mm sized center scan mode with support for B4 ENG lenses and s700PTP control over TCP/IP.

You will find the full announcement here: https://sonycine.com/articles/firmware-updates-announced-for-fx9-and-fx6-cinema-cameras/

460x150_xdcam_150dpi FX9 to get Anamorphic In Firmware Version 3.

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  1. Does the FX9 firmware anamorphic update include a 4:3 shooting mode for 2x lenses? Is that possible?

    1. I don’t have full details but I suspect it is simply a desqueeze option for the VF. The FX9 can’t do full frame 4:3, it wouldn’t be able to read the sensor fast enough. For 2x anamorphic lenses ideally you want 6:5, not 4:3.

  2. Hello Alister,
    Have you any clue why ther is no 4K 422 10 bits long gop in the FX6 ? It would be so convenient for some documentary shootings.

    1. Probably because the FX6 uses the same codec chip as the FX9, but I don’t know this to be a fact, just a guess.

        1. But the chip on the A7SIII doesn’t seem to be able to do industry standard XAVC-I MXF’s. One is a consumer oriented chip, the other is a broadcast oriented chip.

          1. Is the XAVC-S-I at 25p UHD (intraframe at 250 Mbs) or at 50p ( 500 Mbs) 422 10 bits so much different in quality from the XAVC I UHD 25p and 50 p at the same frame rate ?
            It looks like the diffenrence is only the MP4 container. (otherwise, same frame size, frame rate, color sampling , quantification and data rate).
            I don’t want to start a querelle but as a documentary shooter I miss the UHD long gop 422 10 bit in the FX6.

          2. The XAVC-S-I doesn’t appear to have some of the quality optimisations such a PPS and some others that help with playback performance. Audio interleave and sync also appears to be different. You can’t playback XAVC-S-I clips on any of the pro XAVC players. The MXF wrapper is very important to broadcasters as it can carry a lot of extra metadata that is needed in broadcast production chains such as forward planning metadata. While the image quality isn’t significantly different, the codecs are different enough to cause issues for a broadcaster that may have standardised on XAVC-I.

          3. Thanks for all this information. Still hope an update could give fx6 uhd long gop 422 10.

  3. Hi Alister

    Do you have any information of release date for firmware 3.0 upgrade for SONY FX9

    Best Regard

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