New Arri-Look LUT

Arri-Look1_1.16.1-600x338 New Arri-Look LUT
Arri-Look LUT V1
Arri-look-V1-sample-2_1.23.2-600x338 New Arri-Look LUT
Arri Look V1 Sample 2
s709-sample-1_1.23.1-600x338 New Arri-Look LUT
s709 Sample


UPDATE – Some issues with the original version of the LUT were found by some users, so I have created a revised version and the revised version is now linked below.

Arri Look LUT’s are clearly very popular with a lot of Sony users,  so I have created an Arri-Look LUT for the FX3/FX6/FX9/Venice that can be used to mimic the look from an Arri camera. It is not designed to pretend to be a real Arri camera, but to instead provide an image with the look and feel of an Arri camera but tailored to the Sony sensors.

As usual the LUT is free to download, but if you do find it useful I do ask that you buy me a coffee or other drink as a thank you. All contributions are always most welcome. Additionally do let me know what you like about this LUT or don’t like, so I can look at what LUTs may be good to create in the future.

Click Here to download my Arri-Look LUT (latest version 2C),

And here is a warmer version (may be very slightly too warm), version 2B.

Click below to buy me a thank you drink if you like it and use it.


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2 thoughts on “New Arri-Look LUT”

  1. Alister , I’ve always used LUT’s with Slog3 but have recently had people recommending I use a Color Transform Node in Resolve instead. Do you have any feelings about this or about using Aces , or Resolve Color Management etc. I need to cut a multicam with FX9, AS7siii and some GoPro footage. I’m wondering pros and cons for which method will be the least processor heavy and of course which will give me the best color results.

    1. LUTs were never intended to be used as the actual colour grade and 3D LUTs are not a very good way to transform between colour spaces as LUTs work using a small number of ranges and rely on software extrapolation to fill in the gaps. So anything you can do to avoid the use of LUTs can help improve the final image quality. I am a huge fan of ACES as the workflow is very simple and widely supported. If you use ACES you can move projects between different edit applications as it is an industry standard.

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