Great Deals on Atomos Ninja V and V+

280550463_559655062186529_5887887510300093108_n-600x315 Great Deals on Atomos Ninja V and V+

Atomos are currently offering great deals on the Ninja V and Ninja V+. These are great little units and very capable. The V+ can even record 8K raw. Check out the deals if you are looking for a handy, compact recorder and monitor with an HDR display.
The Ninja V is $/£399 and the Ninja V+ is $/£599 (plus any local taxes). Follow the link for the details

7 thoughts on “Great Deals on Atomos Ninja V and V+”

  1. Yes, they are great units. I use a Samurai Blade SSD recorder mounted behind my FS5 along with a custom battery pack to counterweight the 18-110mm zoom for ENG use. I record 10bit DNxHD 220x from the camera’s SDI out which automatically triggers the Blade. Just brilliant!

  2. With the way Atomos’s share price has been tanking of late I would be slightly concerned this could be a going out of business sale at these prices.

    it’s gone from $0.90 a share to 0.30 in a month! and halved in the last week! They also lost their CEO in the last month. I hope they pull through as they’ve been fantastic for the industry

    1. I think their issue is they saturated their own market. Everyone that needs one of their devices probably has one and there has been little new in the last 18 months. Additionally camera sales are down due to supply chain issues, so recorder demand is further decreased. Meanwhile they have been spending a lot of money on R&D, probably on the development of the connect products. Reducing sales of their core products as the market reaches saturation was always going to be an issue for them. While the new connect products look very nice and there is absolutely a place for them, they won’t have the broad appeal that a low cost monitor/recorder has. But I don’t think they will disappear, perhaps just shrink a bit. This may just be to move existing inventory that needs to be moved on before an additional new products are released. They are still making money.

      1. I hope so! I also feel like for most people just having a monitor is enough.

        I really wish they would branch out into some other devices eg. a EVF ideally with CFexpress or nvme, a wifi transmitter / receiver Atomx, Or improve/innovate their livestreaming / switching devices.

        Also give the Shogun 7 some love, that thing hasn’t had a decent fw update in forever!

  3. Fellow Aussie and former CEO Jeromy Young spoke fluent Japanese so I think that played a huge part in Atomos products initial market penetration where he was able to get his products to successfully communicate with Japanese made cameras.

    1. The deal is still on. If you go to each product page you will see they are for sale at the offer price.

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