Sony FR7 Webinar

Screenshot-2022-10-24-at-11.31.32-600x390 Sony FR7 WebinarWant to learn more about the new Sony FR7? Why not sign up for this webinar where I’ll show some recently shoot FR7 footage. The FR7 is a new remote control pan/tilt/zoom camera based on the FX6, so it offers the image quality of a Cinema Line large sensor camera but in a PTZ style housing. 

I’ll be there along with Sony Expert Jin Koide and minicam specialist Dan Greenway.

Dan Greenway runs a hire company specialising in minicams and remote head cameras, providing equipment and crew for shows such as Gogglebox, Million Pound Drop as well as live events and sports. He’s already conducted one FR7 shoot for a primetime ITV production.

Alister Chapman is a freelance TV cameraman, Director of Photography (DoP) and Digital Imaging Technician (DIT). He is also a well-known instructor for shooting techniques and production methods.

The workshop will be followed by a live Q&A session.

Click Here for more information and to sign up.

2 thoughts on “Sony FR7 Webinar”

  1. One thing I’m interested in is how quiet the FR7 is. I’m wondering if you could put a FR7 in the middle of a table and use it for multiple closeups during a roundtable discussion. Pre-programming the shots with fast moves to quickly pick up whomever is talking would be great if you’re not hearing any mechanical noise during the moves.

    1. It’s not silent, but unless it’s moving very fast it is very, very quiet. Even at the highest speeds it isn’t loud. If there was any ambient room noise such as air conditioning I doubt you would notice it.

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