Improve the accuracy of manual white balance with the FX6 and FX9.

Have you ever struggled to get a decent white balance from a white or grey card with the Sony FX6, FX9 or in fact many other cameras (this method works equally well for the FS7, FS5, F5 and F55 etc)? Well here is a very simple trick that can really help, especially for those situations where the camera is a long way from the scene and a white card is too small in the frame for an accurate reading.

All you need to do is to cut a square hole in a piece of black card or plastic. Then when you want to take your white balance simply hold the mask in front of the lens so that it masks out the background of the shot leaving just your white card visible. It’s really simple, really easy and it really works! 

8 thoughts on “Improve the accuracy of manual white balance with the FX6 and FX9.”

  1. What do you think about the idea of drilling a hole in a lens cap and using a flap of gaff tape to cover it? When you need to white balance, you can just remove the gaff tape?

    1. That could work. But the benefit of a movable mask is the white target doesn’t even need to be in the middle of the frame and moving the mask closer or further away from the lens alters the size of the area that is masked.

  2. Thanks Alister. I’m going to give this a try. I’ve ordered some black plastic card, so hopefully I’ll be able to try this out soon.

    I have a FX9 and have been finding it very difficult at times to get a reliable white balance. Even when using a white or grey card and filling up most of the viewfinder. The results aren’t always consistent and nearly every time there is a red/magenta bias in the image which is very frustrating. You can’t seem to be able to ‘trust’ the camera to get it right.

    Hopefully, this will help!

  3. So pleased to see this simple solution as I have been bringing 8′ or 10′ white fabric to try to get decent white targets from across a ballroom, and on the wider “cover-shot” lensing, these targets still may not be large enough. No longer an issue with this method!!

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