Are you confused by the Sony Cinema Line?

Screenshot-2023-07-10-at-15.56.31 Are you confused by the Sony Cinema Line?Don’t know which camera from the cinema line to use for what? When would the FX30 be a good idea and when would the FX9 be better? I’m hosting an interactive webinar on this on Wednesday the 12th of July. Please – ask questions, this free session is an opportunity for you to ask those questions about which to use and the pro’s and cons of each.

2 thoughts on “Are you confused by the Sony Cinema Line?”

  1. Thanks Alex.
    What would be useful is a chart listing the cameras, and having columns…
    native raw Y/N
    Colour space
    Bit depth
    sensor size.

  2. Hello,

    Mr Chapman, according to you what is the future of the 10.000 $ FX9 ?

    Compared to the FX6 (half of its price) and the Burano (same weight with internal 16 bits X-OCN, 8 K, ND, internal stabilization, and so on … ), the FX9 seems to be a camera of the “ancient times” : heavy, bulky.

    In Sony’s line up, It’s crushed between the tiny and capable FX6 and the “tiny but robust” and “over-skilled” BURANO.

    Today, who would like to spend 10.000 $ for a FX9 camera unable to film in a 16bit codec without the huge XDCA extension unit ?

    I am an FX9 owner, and I wonder why SONY has abandoned the firmware development of this “flagship” camera.

    Remember : the 4.0 firmware was released in November 2022 ! One year ago.

    One year without any enhancement. The consequence is a “6K camera” sticked to 4 K recordings … , glued by the limitations of XAVC Codec.

    For that reason the superb FX9 cannot compete with the other Sony’s cameras (FX6 and 8K Burano).

    I am waiting for the 5th version of FX9’s firmware, unlocking the 6K recording.

    XQD slots have the same design than CF EXPRESS B slots.

    Could a decisive firmware transform XQD slots in CF Express slots ?

    Enabling the use of more moderns Codec in FX9 ?

    X-OCN ? codec for 6K 16 bits recordings ?


    If not, FX9 won’t worth anything very quickly.

    What do you think about it ?

    Best !

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