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    1. Fantastic job on the FS100 and F3 review. Thank you for providing that wonderful resource. It would be helpful to know exactly which lenses you used on the F3. Please share. Thanks!

    2. Hello,
      Thanks for the fantastic website. I noticed on earlier posts that you mentioned you might write an article on shooting and editing for SD. I have delivered some content (shooting with an EX3) to the local t.v. station, which broadcasts in 4 by 3 SD. I have been less than pleased with the end result. As a consequence, I used compressor to convert my footage. Once again, the results were dubious.
      Any tips would be appreciated, from editing, to shooting formats, frame rates, picture profiles, etc.

      Thank you

    3. Dear Mr. Chapman,
      I have a very important issue concerning my newly purchased Sony PMW-300K1.
      I have recently noticed that sometimes there is a slight chromatic aberration when shooting fully zoomed only in bright daylight condition. Thin purple lines appear on both or at least one side of the object.
      I have also seen a slightly different chromatic aberration using my other camcorder Sony PMW-200. I think this issue comes from the lens. Because the PMW-300K1 and PMW-200 use the same Fujinon 14x HD lens. I just want to know if this is normal?
      Thank you!
      Could you please show me the way to pay for your services?

      1. Some CA is normal. There is a trade off between image sharpness and CA. The sharper you make the lens the more CA you will have. Sony use electronic CA reduction. The PMW-200 recently got a free firmware update that improves the CA performance. Perhaps the 300 will get the same update some time soon.

    4. Hi Stuart,
      I went to your talk on the fs7 at a hire company before Xmas.

      Thanks for the scene files (profiles) I have put them on the sd card. But it is not showing up on the fs7?! I tried the suggested method. (worked for luts)

      Are these for the gamma profiles, or matrix?
      Or do these files change the gammas and matrix settings for me?


    5. Hello Alister,

      I attended your seminar on the EX1/3 at Brooklands a few years ago (goodness knows where the time has gone) and ended up buying an EX3 which I’m generally very pleased with.

      My wife and I have just returned from a few days in Ivalo in Finland where we were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights, but it’s left us wanting more – inevitably!

      What trips have you got planned or in mind to Norway for the end of this year or early 2016 please as I/we are considering our options for another trip.

      Thanks and best regards,


    6. Hi Alister

      Just watched all your tuts on the PXW-FS7 – brilliant help thank you.
      I liked the FS7 so much I bought a PXW-FS5 to go with it as a b roll.

      Where I am wasting time on a shoot is trying to find matching settings (profiles) for the two. Is this something you might be covering at some point?


    7. Hello Alister,
      you have great gift to explain difficult things simply. Thanks for all your info. I have seen your presentation of FS5 for VOCAS company and it is really great piece of information. You said, that it was possible to record HD normal speed externally and SIMULTANEOUSLY super slow motion to internal memory through end trigger. I tried it, but while all frames are transferred to sd card, external recorder records via SDI also super slow motion beeing transferred to SD card. Is it really possible to record continuously normal speed to external recorder AND simultaneously super slow motion to cache and then to sd card with FS5, firmware 2, RAW update? Thank you. Ondrej

      1. Using an external record to record normal speed gives you the option to shoot more or less conventionally at normal speeds, but you are right that during the time you are grabbing a bit of slow mo internally the SDI will output slow mo.

    8. Hi Alister.
      I came across a fairly old youtube video of yours about the Sony PMW500. I sometimes use this camera for video production, and wondered if you had any advice on a 3 mic set up (I have two wireless lavs, and one hard wire) I’ve tried setting this up in the past with no success on the 3rd hard wire mic. I’m sure it’s a fairly simple routing mistake that i’m making, But any advice that you could share on setting up a hard wire microphone into the 2nd port, and routing it to the 3rd channel would be appreciated!

    9. I am a still photographer, In 2nd half of 2019 I took a class in video. Used an older Canon XLH1 with an Atomos external recorder. Discovered that it does not record in real 1080p. Making slow motion a bit of a problem. After reading your’s and other articles on the fs700u slow motion abilities. Thought I had find answer to my problem. Both budget and shooting wise. If I bought the Sony fs700u with firmware 3 upgrade. Then discovered that none of you made mention of the fact that the Sony fs700u or the sf700r. Can only shoot slow motion is 8 sec or 16 sec burst. How dare you! How could you not mention that very important fact!

      1. Then I guess you didn’t read my review of the FS700 or anyone else’s reviews, or read the manufacturers specifications. It is common knowledge that the FS700, FS5 etc only record HFR in bursts and it is very clearly discussed at lenght in my review of the FS700

        And you should also be aware that almost no camera can output more than 60fps to an external recorder (unless the camera and recorder have HFR raw capabilities) so trying to use an external recorder for slow motion is largely pointless.

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