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  1. Hi

    I just got at A7s as a B-camera. I think it’s a nice little camera. But I having some trouble whit the picture profiles. I don’t what to use s-log as the project I’m using the a7s for are project whit a fast turn around and often are the footage handed over the client at the end of the shoot. I came from at Nikon D4s and on that I was able to create a nice look right out of the camera – but still whit some latitude for highlight.
    Are the anyone that can help whit at picture that could work for that?

  2. Morton, I’d just turn the picture profiles off – the image looks good enough to just hand over that way. You might check out the numerous threads about this on DVXuser – there is one that’s a slight mod of slog that looks good out of the camera (flaat) and another custom PP by an LA DP named Kholi.

    1. You really, really need to have some 0.8 and 1.2 ND filters with the A7s in the sunshine. Either that or use some very fast shutter speeds. Those are your only choices I’m afraid.

  3. Hello Allistair I´m planning to attach Denz PL to E mount to use my Schneider Xenon PL lenses.
    Last time ago I saw in your a7s review a Xenon attached.
    So, I would like just to ask you, did you have any “vignetting” in FF mode? and did you have to switch “APS-C” or “crop mode” a7s camera?
    My best I really learn a lot here, many many thanks to share!

  4. Hi Alister,
    I just bought a sony a7 II. just wondering what is the native iso for slog2?
    What I understand from the internet is about 1600..

    Sometimes there is too much noise in the shadows specially with zoom lenses.
    It gets less when I use prime lenses.

    My usual camera settings .
    camera speed 50 ( mostly hand handle)
    IOS 1600
    zebra 70%
    rest i control exposure with aperture or ND filter.

    please let me know if there is a way to avoid noise in the footage.


  5. Hello Alister

    Hope you are doing good.

    If given a choice to shoot raw footage on an A7s Mk 2 versus FS7 in a low light condition, which camera would you advise me to choose and why?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Not a simple question to answer as it depends on many factors. The A7s is more sensitive, but you can use a speed booster on the FS7. The FS7 has a better 10 bit codec which will noise reduce better in post production. Overall there’s not a huge difference if you optimise each. So it really depends on the feature set you need.

      But as always: All cameras need light, the less light you have the worse your images will be. No camera can make up for a lack of light.

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