PXW-FS5 Native ISO’s

advertise-here-275 PXW-FS5 Native ISO's

This is as much for my benefit as yours as I can never remember what the native ISO (0dB) is for each of the gamma curves in the FS5.

Standard 1000 ISO
Still 800 ISO
Cinegamma 1  800 ISO
Cinegamma 2  640 ISO
Cinegamma 3  1000 ISO
Cinegamma 4  1000 ISO
ITU709 1000 ISO
ITU709(800) 3200 ISO
S-Log2 3200 ISO
S-Log3 3200 ISO

Using dB and setting it to 0dB really is so much easier with this camera!


4 thoughts on “PXW-FS5 Native ISO’s”

  1. Does native iso remain the same at 1080 through to 4K?
    I guess I could work this out myself if I toggle between gain and iso in diplay info.

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