MTF are making my lens adapter.

IMG_0965-224x300 MTF are making my lens adapter.
MTF - Alister C' B4 to F3/FS100/Canon lens adapter

So here it is. The first one off the CNC machine with many more to follow in the next few days. There will be an additional lens support bracket on it by the time they ship and of course they will be completely anodised. It requires the use of a 2/3″ lens with a 2x extender. Optical performance depends on that of the lens, so an HD lens is highly recommended, however if you have an old SD lens kicking around it may be useable. When using the adapter you use the 2x extender. The total magnification is 2.5x so a 7.6mm to 152mm 20x ENG lens becomes a 19mm to 380mm lens. There is also a 2.5 stop light loss so a f1.8 lens becomes a f6 lens. The adapter will come as a kit for the PMW-F3 or FS100 for £1150. If you wish to use it on a Canon DSLR with an APS-C sized sensor (7D, 550d, T2i etc) the price is £950.

IMG_0967-300x224 MTF are making my lens adapter.
Close up of the B4-F3 adapter
Image1-300x225 MTF are making my lens adapter.
Can be used on an APSC DSLR as well!

8 thoughts on “MTF are making my lens adapter.”

  1. hello alister,
    just one question. is it possible to use the rocker zoom, and when yes how is it powered?
    thank you very much
    greetings jo

    1. We plan on producing a cable to allow you to power the lens from a battery with a D-Tap connector. This will give you servo zoom. We are also investigating whether we can use the pins on the Sony mount to power the lens and provide iris information and record start/stop.

    1. I was basing it on f2.8 as many lenses don’t perform well at f1.8 and are rarely constant f1.8. I’d rather people get a pleasant surprise than be disappointed.

  2. Hi Alister
    The DOF would be the same as another lens on the F3, correct?
    I’m keen to use an ENG zoom in unlightable doco situations and wondering about the loss of 2.5 stops. I’ve shot some worst-case scenario F3 tests, though, up to +12db and thought the noise was okay.
    Do you have a preference for Canon over Fuijinon 2/3″ lenses?

  3. An associate of mine just bought your adapter for his F3 and brand new F55. Of interest is the F55’s Version 3 firmware and Center Scan mode that crops in on the sensor at 2K resolution to provide the proper target for super 16mm lenses. I am wondering if this would allow the use of his B4 lens without the 2x extender engaged. According to a quick web search 2/3-inch sensors are 11mm diagonally and Super 16 is 14.55mm diagonally. Would 3.5mm cause vignetting? With the new firmware installed I hope we can test this in the coming week and report back. May be useful for B4 lenses without 2X or just to satisfy my curiosity.

    1. Yes, you can use B4 lenses with the MTF adapter without the 2x extender when the camera is set to crop mode. We do not recommend exposures wider than f2.2 however due to increased flare. Used like this there is a less than one a stop light loss, it works really nicely. Of course you can then use the extender to get longer reach if you need it.

  4. We tested it today with a high quality Fuji HA14x4.5BERD Superwide HD lens. The results were disappointing to say the least. We shot the same scene in the 2K crop mode with no 2x extender, and in the 1920×1080 mode with the 2x engaged. The 2K crop mode video was much softer and minor flaring was still evident even at f 2.8 to 3.2. I guess this mode works better with super 16 lenses. It was worth a try.

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