New PMW-200 Firmware Release. V1.2.

The Sony firmware guy’s have been busy as they have also just released a firmware update for the PMW-200.


1.) i.LINK DVCAM Input
Stream signal recording via i.LINK DVCAM input is available.
2.) Adjusting the Brightness of the EVF Screen
The default value of EVF has changed from ±0 to +30.
3.) Selecting AUDIO IN Reference Input Level
The default value of Audio Input has changed from -40 dB to -60 dB.
4.) External Device Connector
A message will be displayed if a USB device which is not supported by this unit has been connected.
5.) Auto Focus
Auto focus performance is improved. Focus instability near the focal point and with a high-luminance background has been reduced.
6.) Auto Knee
Auto Knee performance is improved. Emphasis of white for an object with a high-luminance background has been reduced.
7.) ATW
ATW performance is improved. When ATW mode is set to Natural, automatic adjustment for wider brightness range when shooting outdoors is available.
8.) Matrix Adjustment


2 thoughts on “New PMW-200 Firmware Release. V1.2.”

  1. Hi Alister. I have one PMW-200 with the 1.01 firmware. In the page of Sony Pro, i’ve found two firmware updates. If i go to the camera page (, in the right side, in the “Download Software”, is the 1.1 firmware. But if i go to ” Microsites>XDCAMS>Resources>DCAM HD 422 Memory Camcorders and Recorder/Player”, i have the 1.2 firmware. Then i ask you. Why Sony have two firmwares updates? Why in the camera page they dont show the 1.2 update? Should i first update to 1.1 and then to 1.2? Or can i go directly to 1.2?

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