PXW-Z100 Frame Grabs

I got a chance to go and shoot with Omega Broadcasts demo unit PXW-Z100 today. I really forgot how nice it is to have a 20x zoom lens on a camera.

Anyway attached are a couple of 4K frame grabs for you to take a look at. Click on the thumbnails to go to the full size image. But do remember these are 8 bit jpegs, so not quite as good as the original image. I’ll be writing a full review of the camera very soon. Overall I really like it. Solid build, good pictures, 20x zoom and 4K.

Z100-grab-man-1024x576 PXW-Z100 Frame Grabs
Man on the street in Austin Texas. HXR-Z100 frame grab.
Z100-grab-signs-1024x576 PXW-Z100 Frame Grabs
Shop signs, 6th Street, Austin. HXR-Z100 frame grab.
Z100-street-1024x576 PXW-Z100 Frame Grabs
6th Street. HXR-Z100 frame grab.



One thought on “PXW-Z100 Frame Grabs”

  1. Hi Alister,

    Looking forward to your review of this camera. Hopefully you can address the following:

    1) How it compares to the NX5U with regards to HD shooting in low light (sensitivity and noise) at 0db, 6db, 12db, 18db…etc.

    2) When the Z100 gets the ability to shoot XAVC-S, will it retain it’s 4:2:2 color space and/or the 10bit…or will it simply be pretty much like the AX1 in all regards?

    3) Any ideas on when in 2014 that XAVC-S might come?

    Thanks again!

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