How to create a User3D LUT for the PXW-FS7 and load it in to the camera

It’s very easy to create your own User3D LUT for the Sony PXW-FS7 using DaVinci Resolve or just about any grading software with LUT export capability. The LUT should be a 17x17x17 or 33x33x33 .cube LUT (this is what Resolve creates by default).

Simply shoot a correctly exposed Slog3 clip at the native ISO. You must use the same Gamut as you intend to use in any other productions that will use this LUT, I recommend SGamut3.cine.

Import the clip in to Resolve and grade it as you wish the final image to look.  A very good way to do this is to include a MacBeth chart or DSC Labs OneShot or CDM chart within the test shot. Then use Resolves excellent chart matching tool to get create a starting point for the grade. The big benefit of this approach is that Resolve will provide a very good gamma correction moving your footage from Slog3 to Rec-709. Once you have used the chart to move you into the correct gamma range just tweak and fine tune the image to get your desired look. Then once your happy with your look, right click on the clip in the timeline and “Export LUT”. Resolve will then create a .cube LUT.

Then place the .cube LUT file created by the grading software on an SD card in the PMWF55_F5 folder. You may need to create the following folder structure on the SD card, so first you have a PRIVATE folder, in that there is a SONY folder and so on.


Put the SD card in the camera, then go to the File menu and go to “Monitor 3D LUT” and select “Load SD Card”. The camera will offer you a 1 to 4 destination memory selection, choose 1,2,3 or 4, this is the location where the LUT will be saved. You should then be presented with a list of all the LUT’s on the SD card. Select your chosen LUT to save it from the SD card to the camera.

Once loaded in to the camera when you choose 3D User LUT’s you can select between user LUT memory 1,2,3 or 4. Your LUT will be in the memory you selected when you copied the LUT from the SD card to the camera.

NOTE: If you use a Mac to copy the LUT to the SD card the Mac will place some junk files on the SD card with almost exactly the same name as the LUT. The camera will see this junk file and display it in the list of LUT files. The junk file will have a “._” before the LUT name. Don’t try to load these junk files by mistake, they won’t work. Make sure you scroll down the LUT list to the real LUT file when you try to load the LUT’s in to the camera.

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  1. Hi Allister, thanks for the FS7 scene files-sm looking forward to trying them out.
    Can I ask what your recommended zebra settings are with these.
    Pref for skin.


  2. Hi Alister,

    We just tried to create a compatible LUT from SpeedGrade (CC 2014), unfortunately it looks like the .cube file’s can only be created with the LUT Precision of 16, 32, or 64. We assume that it’s not working on the camera because the FS7 is looking for 17 or 33.

    Do you have any recommendations or work-arounds?

    Much thanks

    1. Yes the camera need the industry standard 17 or 33. If you use LUTCalc you can convert the Speedgrade LUT’s. I hate speedgrade, it should be really good, but it just fails to do some of the simplest things the same as everyone else.

  3. I created one with LUTCalc and loaded the .cube file into the PXW-FS7 folder on the SD card, but when I select load 3D LUT and choose one of the 4 slots, I’m presented with a long list of “no file”. The LUT is on the card, I verified it by checking on a computer, but the camera does not see it.

    1. Go back and read the instructions again. It must be in the PMWF55_F5 folder, NOT the PXW_FS7 folder.

  4. I have this same issue. I created a .cube with Catalyst browse and placed it in the file path specified. Its not showing when I go in to load it on the FS7, only a list of “no file.”

    1. Hello everyone, I just happened to me the same problem. The camera I did not recognize the files of the SD card. The problem was that I not created the folder structure right, is important to follow all the step by step process. Once you Create the Structure and files within the folder PMWF55_F5 the camera recognizes LUTS…

      Best regards, good luck

  5. I am having the same issue trying to load your LUTs into a FS7. Did all the steps
    but when I choose one of the numbers it goes to a list of 60 No files.

  6. Hi Christian,

    Did you find the solution to loading LUT to the camera ? I still gt no file no matter what im doing…

  7. I had this problem and found it seems to have something to do with the naming protocol on the card. I started naming one VAR for varicam gamma and got the “no file” message. Same file starting with AA and it loaded fine, but I had a bunch of misfires along the way. Wish I knew the rules.

  8. Hello everyone, I just happened to me the same problem. The camera I did not recognize the files of the SD card. The problem was that I not created the folder structure right, is important to follow all the step by step process. Once you Create the Structure and files within the folder PMWF55_F5 the camera recognizes LUTS…

    Best regards, good luck

  9. Fantastic post! Unfortutely the process stops for me when I select the LUT file I want from the list on the SD Card and I’m presented with “File Access Executing…”

    I leave it, however it does not finish executing.

    Anyone else had this issue?

    1. Are you sure you loading the LUT and not one of the junk files that Mac’s leave on the card with a ._ before the LUT name?

  10. Hi Alister,
    Thanks for all your help.

    Is there any way of using the LUT just to preview on the viewfinder but actually record on Slog-3. Whenever I activate the LUT it bakes the grade into the footage.

    Thanks a lot!


  11. I put in a LUT to my FS7, and following all the instruction… Did it twice and still dident see any LUT from the card in the camera, but when I choos memory1 (no file) and exequte, than I culd see the LUT on the card.

  12. Hello,
    I would like to have a black and white SDI output.
    – It seems not possible from the custom mode (am I wrong?)
    – In the Cine EI mode, is it possible to create a black&white LUT to get a black and white picture directly through SDI1 output?

    Thanks a lot. Julien

  13. I created the folder path for the LUT files, but when I do “Load SD Card”, then select a LUT from the files, it says “File Accss NG”. Does that mean it successfully loaded?

    1. No, make sure it is the actual LUT file and not a junk file on the card with a very similar name.

  14. I Have successfully loaded a custom LUT in, the same LUT loads and works fine on the F55 but on the FS7 for some reason it won’t let me select User 3D LUT as an option to put it on. Wondering if this is a limitation of 4K XAVC I recording on board though the User 3D LUT option is not greyed out or anything.

      1. Digging up this post as I’m having the exact same situation…
        I was able to load some custom 3D LUTs from the SD card but the option User 3D LUT is greyed out… I can chose LUT and Look Profile but not Used 3D LUT.
        Using the latest firmware, lens distortion is Off, monitoring in HD…

        I’ve reset the camera but nothing changed…
        I’ve been pulling my hair for quite some time on this one, if you have any clue …

  15. Good day, I am on my timeline right clicking the clip with my LUT applied, but, I am not seeing where I can “Export Lut”…i am in Premiere pro cc…Can someone help me? Thank you

  16. Hi..please help
    I have a lut from vision color into specified folder PRIVATE/SONY/PRO/CAMERA/PMWF55_F
    now when i check sd card in the fs7 trying to load the lut …
    i see 2 files one is the junk file …when i press exucute for the second correct file …
    its says file access executing forever …so it won’t load…any tips ?
    thanks greetz

    1. The camera will only accept 17x and 33x LUT’s. Make sure the LUT is the correct size and correct specifications.

  17. Hi Alister,

    I’ve imported User 3D LUTs many times onto my FS7 with no issues, however, i’ve always used these LUTs whilst in SLOG3.cine. I have a job coming up with 4 cameras, 1 x F55, 2 x FS7 and 1 x A7S2 (If I had a choice they’d all be F55’s or FS7’s but i don’t) I’d like to shoot across the board in SLOG2 because of the A7S being involved. I have a User 3D LUT i’d like to use, however, when i put the FS7 into SLOG2 colour space, User 3D LUTs are greyed out, doing the same on the F55, the user 3D LUTs are not greyed out and it works very well. Is this a limitation of the FS7, not being able to use User 3D LUTs in SLOG2? Or have you used your own 3D LUTs in camera whilst in SLOG2 colour space? Any help appreciated, thanks

    1. It’s a limitation of the FS7. If you use the appropriate matched SLog2 and SLog3 LUT’s in post the end result should look very similar. But no matter what you do the F55 will look a little different to the FS7 and they will all look quite different to the A7S2. Different sensors – different processing.

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