Northern Lights Expeditions for 2016.

rainbow-over-single-cabin-1024x682 Northern Lights Expeditions for 2016.
A rainbow of colours from the Northern Lights over the mountain cabins. Taken Jan 2013.

The dates are now up and I am now taking bookings for next years Northern Lights expeditions. I have been running these journeys of adventure into the arctic circle for 8 years following a tried and tested formula that gets better and better every year as we add more activities.

These are not just for photo and video enthusiasts. Many, many of those that come have little or no interest in photography and simply come to experience the arctic adventure and see the magical Northern Lights. Full details can be found here:

If you are into photography and video then these trips are an amazing opportunity to learn new skills as I offer unlimited free coaching and tuition on photographing the Northern Lights and working with video or stills cameras in this incredibly beautiful arctic environment. Almost every year people come back for a second or even third trip.

These trips normally sell out. I can only take a small group of up to 8 people due to some of the logistics of travelling by snow scooter up to the cabins and I only run these tours when the moon conditions are just right. So if you want to come let me know asap.

December 2015. Please contact me if you would like a bespoke tour in November or December 2015.

TOUR 1 Arrive 1st February 2016 – Depart 7th February 2016. £1,350 per person. Max 8 people. (cost of flights NOT included). 

Arrive 7th February 2016 – Depart 13th February 2016. £1,350 per person. Max 8 people. (cost of flights NOT included). 

The tour dates are timed for optimum moon conditions. You don’t want a bright full moon making the Auora invisible!  While the prices may seem high do consider that food is included for most of the trip. Eating out in Norway is very expensive, breakfast, lunch and an evening meal could easily cost £65-£100 ($100-$150) per day. A one day snow scooter safari costs around £400 to £500, but we are using snow scooters almost every day, so I hope you can see that these adventure tours really are excellent value. Where possible we now also go Dog Sledding on one day. There is an extra charge £110 per person for this and get to drive your own team of dogs during a magical 2 hour dog sled ride.

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