Sample clips form the FS5 in Iceland.

I’m running a workshop here in Iceland tomorrow at Nyherji. So I spent the day getting some local sample footage with my FS5.

Here’s the FS5 clip.

Shot with a stock FS5 with either the Sony 18-105mm (Geyser) kit lens or a Sigma 18-250mm Canon mount lens (Gulfoss Waterfalls). I used  S-log2 with the Pro color matrix. It was edited and graded on my laptop using Premiere CC.


6 thoughts on “Sample clips form the FS5 in Iceland.”

    1. I find that when shooting 8 bit UHD with the FS5 (and A7S) that this combination works very well and grades more easily than SGamut. As it is more saturated than SGamut when shooting without LUT’s the picture in the viewfinder is more pleasing. It’s not the “correct” way to use S-Log2. There are no LUT’s for this combination yet (I will be making some) so you need to use an S curve or similar in post. But it works well for me in 8 bit. SGamut is much, much too big a colorspace for 8 bit recording. Another option is to mix S-Log2 with S-Gamut3.cine.

      1. This makes perfect sense.
        Is there a chance you can explain the differences between different type of color matrixes on Sony cameras.
        I’m trying to find a good combination of high dynamic range and saturated colors (narrow color gamut), to produce fast turn-around footage in high-contrast situations – especially when working with 8-bit.
        Thanks for a great blog with lots of insight!

  1. Thanks for the overwhelming amount of info you provide!

    Would you mind giving a quick overview of your media import workflow? I am trying to figure out how to organize all my footage for a multi month project and am new to the XDROOT file system. Can I import and then move individual shots around in file explorer? Or do you use a certain software for this? I am on a windows machine.

    Basically how do you organize your footage?

    Were shooting next week and want to make sure our workflow is efficient and accurate.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Never attempt to move individual files. It will upset the file structure and although the files may appear to play back OK, some of the data on the codec is stored in the XML files so you can get a reduction in image quality.
      You should use Sony’s Catalyst Browse application to select and move individual clips from one folder to another. Catalyst will ensure the file structures are maintained correctly.

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