News From NAB 2016 – Firmware Update for 18-105mm Lens.

Sony have released a firmware update for the 18-105mm lens that is available as a package with the FS5. The update addresses some of the focus tracking issues that some lenses appear to have. To update the lens firmware you need to go to the support page of Sony consumer:

and download the update package. You will need to have the lens mounted on a camera and the camera connected to a Mac or PC. Full install instructions are provided after you click on the Mac or PC download link buttons.

4 thoughts on “News From NAB 2016 – Firmware Update for 18-105mm Lens.”

    1. I was hoping it would and after updating the lens can confirm zero improvement when using on the FS7. Bummer

      1. I found the focus now tracks through the zoom range much better on all of my E-Mount cameras after the update.

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