PXW-FS5 Firmware Version 2 Released.

Firmware version 2.0 has just been released for the Sony PXW-FS5. This update adds the automatic ND filter option as well as zebras that go rom 0 to 109% so now you can use Zebras with grey cards for S-Log and raw exposure…… Oh yes, of course you need firmware version 2 if you want to get the raw option for your FS5.

The raw option allows you to record 12 bit linear DCI 4K (4096×2160)  at up to 60fps to a compatible external recorder as well as 120fps 4K raw in a 4 second burst plus up to 240fps slow motion 2K.

Also the GPS will now work (provided you have the handle attached), so footage can be geotagged for future reference and the cameras internal clock can be synchronised to the GPS time signal. This may be useful for multi-camera shoots as at least the time on each camera will be exactly the same.

Here’s the link to the firmware.

16 thoughts on “PXW-FS5 Firmware Version 2 Released.”

  1. I’ve made the update but can’t get a GPS signal to register. I know I’m in an area with good coverage, because my cellphone is working with GPS. Any tips? Also, how does one unlock the raw feature?

  2. I haven’t tested the GPS feature. The RAW feature is a pay-for feature of the otherwise free firmware update. I presume you either go to SONY or a dealer to purchase it.

  3. Downloaded this a few days ago and the problems on my FS5 still presist. Can anyone help me out? Problems documented here:

    Thanks to anyone who can help!

  4. It took a couple days, but suddenly started working. I haven’t yet found any way to surface the metadata in FCPX, but the GPS clip metadata shows up nicely in Sony Catalyst Browse.

  5. Looking at the Atomos lineup, Ninja Flame, Shogun Flame, Shogun Inferno. Will only the Shoguns have the ability to handle the RAW upgrade or any of the three?

    The Shogun Inferno says it can record 240fps and the Flame says only 120fps. So, if I get the RAW update then the Shogun Flame would be able to handle the 240fps/200fps?

    1. The Shogun flame will handle 4K raw up to 30fps. It will do 2K raw to 120fps. The Inferno will handle 4K raw up to 30fps and 2K to 120fps. But it can also convert 4K raw to DNxHR/ProRes at up to 60fps and 2K at up to 240fps. But the quality of the 120 and 240fps 2K raw is not great due to the way the sensor is read. It will be quite noisy and grainy.

      1. Thank you for the info, do you have a recommendation other than Atomos? I am very green and don’t know anything about slog, gama, luts, etc and was hoping that I could record 4k on the external and super slo mo internally on the FS5 and the Atomos seemed to have all the bells and whistles for easily setting slog etc and the hdr looked impressive. Any suggestions would be very appreciative.

  6. TY – Regarding the edge tearing artifacts, have you tried adjusting the edge “detail” settings? I haven’t spent much time with it, but I’m wondering if any of the detail options could be creating the artifacts.

    Regarding the “bump” and exposure shift, I see this when enabling IS on my Canon 24-105. What lens were you using, and did you have IS turned on? Maybe its related. Regarding the neutral shift, if you have auto WB on, that can cause WB shifts during recording, but I wouldn’t expect to see it in that footage where the camera isn’t moving.

    1. Hi David – sorry for the delayed response.

      I believe IS was turned off, but that might not stop it from malfunctioning if the problem is with the Metabones adapter. I know for a fact that WB was set to daylight.

      So far I haven’t heard anything back from Sony regarding these issues. From what I have gathered from other users, the “bump” and exposure shifts are due to the Metabones adapter. Some users attribute the WB shift to the adapter as well, although I’m not quite sure that’s the case – although it seems strange that all anomalies (exposure, IS, white balance) would happen at once and be unrelated.

      Your edge detail hypothesis is definitely worth pursuing. I will have to try out different settings. What baffles me is that these edge artifacts aren’t present in any other form of recording – UHD looks great, and HD as well, as long as it’s not in Super Slow Motion mode.

      Thanks for your help!

  7. Question . I updated my Sony FS5 to the latest firmware. I do not shoot a lot of 4K but plan to in the future. After updating the firmware, when I record in 4K the LCD screen goes black and says “externally outputting”. I do not own an external recording/monitor. Is there not a way I can see what I am recording in 4K ?

  8. i have recently updated the FS5 firmware to 2.0, and the variable ND is nice touch that will likely come in very handy. The GPS seems to be a bit buggy, my onscreen notice always says it isnt working, but if i dig into the menu, the GPS coordinates are present, and very close (within about 50-100)’

    QUESTION, i see that i can set my SDI to 4K now, but when set there it is still sending 1080p to my Shogun. I know you have to purchase a seperate key for the 4K RAW output to work, but do i need the key for ANY kind of 4K output? the enabeled menu item is confusing, and SONY notes are very limited.

    1. A normal single SDI connection cannot be used for 4K baseband video. It simply isn’t fast enough. You can get 4K out of the HDMI and you can get 4K raw over the SDI if you have the upgrade (raw is more efficient than baseband video). But you will never be able to get 4K video from the HDSDI.

  9. The link provided now goes to a page that has both the Version 2 & the Version 3 (PXW-FS5_V300) software links. Do you have any info on version 3? i don’t see anything on the SONY site, nor this site, or any other blogs?

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