PXW-FS5 Tutorial Videos.

I was asked to prepare two tutorial videos on the PXW-FS5 for Sony. The first video covers the advanced features of the camera including super slow mo and the variable ND filter. The second video gives an overview of the picture profile settings with some suggestions for which to use and when, including the correct exposure for S-Lo2 and S-Log3.

There should be some downloadable PDF guides to go with these videos coming shortly.

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  1. Thanks for these! Looking forward to the PDF guides, too, and the results of the paid raw upgrade.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. One question: I guess the cinegammas are the same that come with the A6300 which I own. To me, the cinegamma4 looks darker in the shadows than the cinegamma1. This makes me wonder why it would be better for low light situations. Could you explain this to me?

  3. Thank you for these timely videos!! Please make more to educate us about this new Camera PXW FS5. Would like to understand the Log 2 & 3 setup & processing better.

    1. No. The camera knows what the “correct” or normal exposure levels are so auto will expose correctly.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to produce these post! They are very helpful.

    Fact: If the FS 5 is setup to shot in S-Log 3 and you have the 1.0 to 1.5 EVS over exposure we can not use MLUT nor the Gamma Display Assist to get a helpful viewing in the viewfinder.

    Question: Can I use an external recorder with monitor, such as Atomos Ninja Blade (or Shogun Inferno (when released), and use a LUT on them and get a proper helpful 709-picture?

    I have used the FS 7 with S-LOG 3 and MLUTs for a while, like how it works and is eager to find a workaround/solution for the FS 5 to get the same function: to see an 709-picture (somewhere) but record S-Log 3.

    Is this a workaround this issue or do you have any other suggestions?

    1. FS5 is not designed to be a digital cinema camera. You are correct that the VF gamma assist only helps if exposing at the base exposure. You can use an external monitor (Odyssey, Atomos, Gratical) with a LUT provided you use LUT’s with exposure offsets. These can be created using LutCalc.

  5. Sony announced at NAB 2016 that it was going to offer an optional XDCam MPEG 2 HD upgrade for the FS5. It was due to be released in June, but there has been no news…
    I was speaking to Sony UK about a different matter this week and also asked about this optional upgrade.
    I was told that it’s not going to happen and the information released was a mistake and it was for the X70 and not the FS5!
    This does all seem rather strange for Sony to announce something and then to say it’s made a mistake?
    Alister, with your Sony contacts, are you able to clarify whether this is in fact the case or whether Sony UK have got this wrong?

    1. It is the PXW-X70 that will be getting the Mpeg HD422 option, not the FS5. This was always the plan and in all the documentation I’ve seen. Never seen FS5 mentioned anywhere.

    1. Unfortunately it would appear that those slides are incorrect.

      I’ve just re-checked the NAB announcement information from Sony HQ and it is clear that the X70 is the only camera getting Mpeg HD422 as well as the X200 and PMW-300 getting the ability to record Mpeg2 HD and HD422 (as well as XAVC-L) to SDXC cards.

      My guess would be that someone cocked up as the same information sheet starts with “cameras to get Mpeg2 HDD”, talks about the X70, X200 and then in addition includes info on the FS5’s V2.0 firmware update. But read it correctly and it’s clear that the FS5 does not get Mpeg2, at least not at the moment.

  6. Hi Alistair,

    I am trying to figure out how to do a live stream with the FS5 and a mac. I have successfully got the camera streaming to the laptop, checked with VLC but I cannot find a solution to forward that stream to you tube. There doesn’t seem to be a tutorial any where and I’ve tried OBS and Adobe Media Live Encoder but no joy. Any pointers would be much appreciated. A free solution would be ideal. thx

  7. These videos helped a TON when setting up my new (second hand) FS5. Thank you, thank you.

    I have a couple FS5 questions though, and I figured you’d be the one with the answers.

    I recently shot a wedding and had some issues with it. The boot up time on mine seems unnaturally long. Possibly longer than the FS7. I even had one time when the Sony logo came up and the zebras were showing up on it, and I missed some crucial moments because it took so long to boot up. About how long does it typically take to turn on?

    I also had it freeze about every other time I swapped to S&Q with button on the side. It would usually unfreeze after a few seconds of waiting, but it seems unacceptable. Have you ever heard of this issue?

    1. That doesn’t sound normal. Boot up is normally fast 3 or 4 seconds and it shouldn’t freeze. What SD cards are you using? Does it take a long time to boot with no cards? If it still takes a long time to boot I would get it looked at.

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