Video Tutorials for the FS5. Picture Profiles and Raw Recording.

I was recently asked by Sony to produce some videos to help users get the most from the PXW-FS5. The videos and articles can now be found on Sony’s website by following the links below. Part 1 covers the camera setup including using Picture Profiles to change the way the images look. Part 2 covers the special effects modes including S&Q, super-slow-motion, clear image zoom and the variable ND filter. Part 3 looks at the raw option for the FS5.

PXW-FS5 Shooting Tips Part 1. Camera Setup and Picture Settings.

PXW-FS5 Shooting Tips Part 2. Slow and Quick Motion, Variable ND, Clear Image Zoom.

PXW-FS5 Recording Raw and using the Raw output option (Atomos Shogun Flame and Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q used as examples).

12 thoughts on “Video Tutorials for the FS5. Picture Profiles and Raw Recording.”

  1. Hi Alister, Interesting video.

    I’m wondering which recorder is better (7q+ or inferno) to use and best reliable (no error, bug, etc…) if we do not consider the fact that 4k60fps dng and 240 2k dng is only doable by the odyssey 7q+.

    Like the 7q+ for all option but atomos seems have better interface and hdr looks great. Let me me know what you think please

  2. Alister,

    Thank you for the info on the RAW.

    However, having issues with the ‘EV Shift’ and ‘AutoND’ in RAW/PP7, I’m not sure if I am missing anything, but when you set to +1.5 or +2.0 it looks like the value only shifts to about +0.3 and +0.5 respectively, basically I’m not seeing any real jump in exposure. Am I missing something… or an issue with the setting or bug. Only see this issue in the RAW PP7 settings, all other seem to be fine.

    Any help in understanding this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. The range of offset is a bit more limited in pp7,8 and 9 due to the locked down ISO, but it does offset by the right amount.

  3. Alister – Just saying thanks for your dedication and generosity in sharing important, useful information for those of us who own Sony cameras. Kudos.

  4. Hello Alister,

    Thanks for all your tips using the Fs5! I’m shooting with the Fs5 & Shogun Inferno and I was wondering if I can use slog3 to record the raw signal on the Inferno? Or do I have to use only slog2 like you say in your video?



    1. You can use S-Log3, but the metadata will be messed up and this can result in problems with level shifts in post production. Of course do also remember that if you’re recording S-Log2 or S-Log3 it is no longer raw and you are discarding some of the advantages that raw brings.

    1. Thanks for bring this to my attention. I’ve updated the links and the clips are now embedded in the page.

  5. hi Alister

    Ive got an fs5 mk2 and ninja v but cant get the a raw output even thou the camera says its outputting 4k raw. The ninja v says that its receiving only hd50 and no matter what i do, nothing changes. Ive been a camera op for 30 years so know may way around things so finding this very frustrating…. can you help at all ? thx.

    1. That’s because the Raw only comes out over the SDI and the Ninja V can’t record the Sony raw anyway.

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