USA Workshops.

I’ll be in the USA presenting workshops in late Feb and March.

There will be workshops in Austin (Feb 28th, Omega Broadcast), Dallas (March 1st), Minneapolis (March 2nd, Z-Systems) and Boston on March 7th.

The workshops will look at the new Sony FS7 II with practical hints and tips for all of Sony’s super 35mm cameras. It will cover gamma curves from 709 to hypergamma to  log. Understanding ISO, CineEI and LUT’s. There will also be an introduction to HDR and post production. More details will follow in the coming days, but these will be great events for anyone that really want’s to get the best possible image quality from their Sony large sensor camera or is interested in learning more about them.

As the details of each of these becomes fixed I will let you know more. As you can see from the dates I have a spare weekend between the Minneapolis and Boston workshops, so if anyone would like a workshop or one to one training on the weekend of March 4/5th please use the contact form to let me know asap.

Here are the registration details for Minneapolis:

7 thoughts on “USA Workshops.”

    1. The dealer workshops will I believe be completely free of charge. If you want 1 to 1 training then use the contact form and we can discuss rates.

  1. I attended your presentation in Vancouver, BC last year and it was VERY informative. I learned a lot, and was wowed by HDTV.

  2. Awesome!!! Can’t wait! Been trying to get to one of your workshops for forever. I’ll be signing up for the Boston one, thanks alister!

    PS- will you be announcing signup details soon?

  3. Brilliant. Signed up for the Z-System seminar minutes after your post. My issues are occational faint rolling wide bars in Adobe Premiere footage (not color banding). We would have called it hum bars in the old days. Only occassionaly. Very strange. And pulling a good white balance under mixed lighting conditions while getting a good flesh tone.
    Thanks Alister.

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