Norway here I come!

Today I leave for my annual Northern Lights expeditions. So, I am off to the very north of Norway to shoot in the cold, long nights of the arctic winter. Currently sunrise is at 11am and sunset at about 12:30. You get golden hour all day and then a very long night (fully dark from about 3:30pm). If the weather gods are kind we will get clear skies and lots of opportunities to photograph and video the Northern Lights.

Over the next 3 weeks I will be releasing a number of video blogs about this adventure. They won’t be every day as I won’t always have internet access and the picture quality of the blogs may not be the best. But what I hope to cover are some of the practical aspects of a project like this. The first blog is about the equipment I’m taking, why I’ve chosen it and how I like to check what I’m packing.

There will be videos on shooting time-lapse, tips for shooting in the cold and more about the gear I’m using.

Here’s the first video: Packing.


10 thoughts on “Norway here I come!”

  1. hiya Alister! that time of the year again! you mentioned you’ll be using the FS5 as your ‘main’ camera – has this replaced your F5 for production and or stock work? have a great time!

    1. No the FS5 has not replaced my F5. I love the f5 with 16 bit raw, but for this job the FS5 fits the type of shooting better. Very mobile, running around on snow scooters while running a tour. If I wasn’t running the tour and could focus all my energy in shooting I’d probably still take the F5/R5.

  2. Obviously you have done this before! Have a great trip, be safe, stay warm and get get a lot of amazing footage. I look forward to your upcoming posts of the trip.

    1. We’ve used all kinds of heaters in the past. Telescope dew heaters are cheap and readily available, but it means more batts on top of the dozens I’m already taking.

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