Canada Workshops.

I’m running workshops across Canada in the next couple of weeks. Tomorrows workshop at Fusion Cine in Vancouver is sold out. But there is space in Calgary on Thursday:

From Calgary I travel to Montreal for a workshop on the 20th:

And finish up in Toronto on June 22nd:

The workshops are sponsored by Sony and are free. I’ll be covering a full end to end workflow from composition, to lighting, exposure with different gammas, workflow and post production as well as HDR.

460x150_xdcam_150dpi Canada Workshops.

5 thoughts on “Canada Workshops.”

  1. Looking forward to the day you make it to Australia Alistair! I’m sure we could fill a few rooms 🙂

  2. Don’t miss it if you can go. Alistair gives one of the more clear explanations of how to use EI when shooting Sony Log you will ever encounter.

  3. I was at the workshop in Vancouver at Fusion Cine and it was a fantastic workshop. Thanks Alister for doing such a great job explaining the fundamentals as well as the more complex concepts. You really do have a great way of breaking down complex topics!

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