LCD Screen protector for the PXW-FS5.

One thing that has always worried me when travelling with my PXW-FS5 has been the fact that there is no protection for the LCD screen when in transit. There would be nothing worse than arriving for an importat shoot and finding the delicate LCD screen cracked or smashed.

No cover is supplied by Sony and I haven’t seen a proper cover for the LCD anywhere. So I decided to make my own. This is a simple plastic cover that snaps over the LCD screen when not in use. It helps protect it from scratches and other damage while you travelling, when the camera is in your camera bag or if you have to ship the camera anywhere. The prototype in these pictures was 3D printed on my home 3D printer and it works really well. There are small lugs that clip over the back of the LCD panel and when fitted it cannot slide off

IMG_0010-1024x768 LCD Screen protector for the PXW-FS5.
My clip on LCD protector fitted to my FS5 (This is a home printed version).
IMG_0012-1024x768 LCD Screen protector for the PXW-FS5.
The clip on cover designed to protect the LCD when in transit.

If you want one for yourself you can order them from my Shapeways store. Shapeways will professionally print them to order in a range of colours from a strong plastic material. The Shapeways prints are of far higher quality than can be achieved with most consumer 3D printers and the finish will be smooth and professional looking (unlike my prototype).

You can order these screen protection covers from my Shapeways store:

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  1. Hi, would you sell the STL files for this and the monitor cable clamp? I would like to print these myself.

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