PXW-FS5 Screen Protector updated images.

Here are some updated pictures of the screen protector for the FS5 that I sell via Shapeways. It’s not an exciting product, it’s just a clip on plastic cover that protects the LCD panel from damage when you are not using the camera. I travel a lot with my camera and the unprotected LCD screen is very vulnerable and could easily get scratched or worse still smashed. Arriving for a shoot and finding the FS5’s LCD screen smashed would be a disaster!

If you want one for yourself you can order them through my Shapeways store: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/alisterchapman

AJC05188 PXW-FS5 Screen Protector updated images.
PXW-FS5 screen protector front view.
AJC05190 PXW-FS5 Screen Protector updated images.
PXW-FS5 screen protection cover clipped on to the LCD screen.
AJC05192 PXW-FS5 Screen Protector updated images.
PXW-FS5 clip on screen saver attached to the LCD.
460x150_xdcam_150dpi PXW-FS5 Screen Protector updated images.

4 thoughts on “PXW-FS5 Screen Protector updated images.”

  1. That looks a very useful product.
    Have you thought about making a sun screen hood for the FS5 as there doesn’t appear to be a custom fit on the market?

    1. I could do a clip on sun shade. It probably wouldn’t fold, just clip on and off. I can do a hinged folding design but that then needs to be assembled and have all the right size screws etc. So that becomes a product that I would have to hold stock of etc. That increases the cost and I think it would end up too expensive for most people. If you think people would be happy with a clip on fixed shade for around $50-$60 I can investigate that.

  2. I think people would be interested as the cable at the bottom of the screen on the FS5 makes generic hoods a very poor fit and not really useable.
    It would be interesting to hear other peoples comments too.

  3. I just purchased the screen protector and also saw on the website that you did indeed investigate and make a sun shade for the FS5 too.
    So I bought that as well!
    I haven’t seen you promote the sun shade, so it may be worth doing so as I’m sure other FS5 owners would be interested.

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