connecting to The PXW-FX9 Using Content Browser Mobile For Monitoring and OtheR Functions.

One of the great features of the PXW-FX9 is the ability to connect a phone or tablet to the camera via WiFi so that you can view a near live feed from the camera (there’s about a 5 to 6 frame delay).

To do this you need to install the latest version of the free Sony Content Browser Mobile application on your phone. Then you would normally connect the phone to the cameras WiFi by placing the FX9 into Access Point Mode and use either NFC to establish the connection if your phone has it, or by manually connecting your phone’s WiFi to the camera.

However for many people this does not always provide a stable connection with frequent drop outs and disconnects. Fortunately there is a another way to connect the camera and phone and this seems much more stable.

First put the cameras WiFi into “Station Mode” instead of “Access Point” mode. Then setup your phone to act as a WiFi Hotspot. Now you can connect the camera to the phone by performing a network search on the camera. Once the camera finds the phones WiFi hotspot you connect the camera to the phone.

Once the connection from the camera to the phone has been established you should open Content Browser Mobile and it should find the FX9. If it doesn’t find it straight away swipe down with your finger to refresh the connection list. Then select the camera to connect to it.

Once connected this way you will have all the same options that you would have if connected the other way around (using Access Point mode). But the connection tends to be much, much more stable. In addition you can also now use the cameras ftp functions to upload files from the camera via your phones cellular data connection to remote servers.

If you want to create a bigger network then consider buying one of the many small battery powered WifI routers or a dedicated 4G MiFi hotspot and connect everything to that. Content Browser Mobile should be able to find any camera connected to the same network. Plus if you use a WiFi router you can connect several phones to the same camera.

6 thoughts on “connecting to The PXW-FX9 Using Content Browser Mobile For Monitoring and OtheR Functions.”

  1. This sounds good news. I currently am disappointed with the wireless technology in the Z280 as it always works perfectly when I’m in an empty theatre or concert venue – but as soon as an audience enter and there are a few hundred or thousand members of the public with their phones accessing Wi-fi etc, it stops my phone or tablet from connecting. Will the second method mentioned in the article improve this on the FX9? I would love to hear feedback for both methods if a test was done in a busy venue like a theatre/concert.

    1. Intermittent connectivity will always be a problem when using shared frequencies such as the WiFi bands when there are lots of people all trying to use them at the same time.

  2. hi Alister,
    would it be possible that in a future update the resolution will be increased?
    because for focussing purpose it is not useful to use the app.
    but maybe its a bandwidth limitation of a wifi connection?

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