ProResRaw Now In Adobe Creative Cloud Mac Versions!

Hooray! Finally ProRes Raw is supported in both the Mac and Windows versions of Adobe Creative Cloud. I’ve been waiting a long time for this. While the FCP workflow is solid and works, I’m still not the biggest fan of FCP-X. I’ve been a Premiere user for decades although recently I have switched almost 100% to DaVinci Resolve. What I would really like to see is ProRes Raw in Resolve, but I’m guessing that while Black Magic continue to push Black Magic Raw that will perhaps not come. You will need to update your apps to the latest versions to gain the ProRes Raw functionality.

One thought on “ProResRaw Now In Adobe Creative Cloud Mac Versions!”

  1. Hi Allister, thanks for all your help. I have recently been testing Prores RAW codec with the new premiere cc update. Everything is working and looking great for the most part and the latitude coming out of the Fs5ii sensor is amazing! I am recording the clips using an Atamos Shogun Inferno.

    My question: When bringing into premiere the footage is understandably noisy. In the recent past, when using the prores codec (not ProresRAW), I was able to clean up the noise quite well using the neat video de-noise plugin. Now I am unable to use this work flow unfortunately and neat video doesn’t seem to be able to handle working with ProResRAW codec. I tried following Neat Video’s suggestions and re-ordering the lumetri and neat video effects (neat video noise reduction first, then lumetri), but when I do, my recovered highlights are blown out.

    Any suggestions/ workarounds? I don’t have after effects.

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