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Here are the guide videos I produced for Sony about the FX9.  These videos cover most of the key features of the camera whether that’s shooting using S-Cinetone or S-log3 and Cine EI, farme rates and scan modes. Each video includes instructions on how to use the different modes as well as some guidance on things to watch out for.  Some of the videos were produced with version 1 firmware so there are now some changes to the base modes, previously you had Custom  Mode and Cine EI, now you have SDR – HDR – CineEI where SDR mode is the same as what was previously called custom mode. Also don’t miss the two videos linked at the end which cover most of the new features added in the version 2 firmware.


Touch Screen and Eye AF




2 thoughts on “FX9 Guide Videos”

  1. Hi Alister,
    In your FX9 Guide Lens Options & Autofocus video around 5’20” you mention that the focus area in zone or flexible spot can be moved with the thumbstick. But if I understand correctly from reading the manual and testing the camera this can only be done while in the Focus->Focus Area->Zone or Flexible Spot menu. Is that correct? Isn’t there a way to do it while recording without having to prior go to the menu or be in the menu while shooting because, even when the setting is assigned to a button, it’s not practical. With the Canon EOS Cinema line for instance you can easily change the position op the AF area with the cursor on the handgrip at anytime.

    1. You can assign focus area to an assignable button to quickly get to the flexible spot function.

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